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I was all by myself.

I am not good at absorbing large amounts of material in a short amount of time. For me the act of reading is exhausting. It's not because I find the actual activity of reading to be particularly difficult or even energy consuming, it's that I involuntarily elaborate and think as I read. I go off on mental tangents, formulate rebuttal arguments, weave what I'm reading into what I'm planning to write or say about it later. I'm incapable of just reading, I interact.

Eventually what happens is that my brain fills up with processable material, my eyes start to droop, and I find myself reading the same words over and over without being able to comperehend them. At this point I need to enter a refractory period where I let my brain rest and settle and then can get back to reading again. As I write these words I am currently in such a period, although to be honest writing is not exactly the best activity to be involved in if I want my mind to clear. Writing does, in a way, clear my mind but my psyche has this complicated set of levees and locks and the reservoir that writing clears is not directly connected to the one that reading fills. In fact sometimes the emptying of the writing reservoir spills more material into the reading one.

The NFL draft is today. Eli Manning is being a punk. If he wanted to be a real MANLY man he would approach the Giants, tell them that he would play for $1 million a year if they traded for him in the draft, and thus resolve their issues about giving away too much. Instead he's asking them to mortgage the farm to get his punk ass. I hope they don't.

The greatest flaws in my writing right now are run on sentences and bad punctuation. I've never been one to punctuate well. Not a great punctuator. It's a skill I need to improve but it's a problem that can only really be dealt with through editing.

I wonder how those people who have like 1200 people reading their journals manage such a number. Is it just through sheer quality of writing or is it active recruitment?

Sometimes it's nice to sit and smell the clinging scent of your own sweat on your clothes.

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