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Random thoughts:

I saw an arbor day commercial for oaks on TV recently. Oaks are the national tree. Someone actually bought air time to share this fact. There was no suggestion as to what one might do in response to this startling information except maybe go learn more about oaks.

Why do oaks need advertisement? What the hell was this? I understand arbor day advertising in general, it promotes conservation and planting of trees. I can dig it. I'm all about conserving trees. But just advertising them? I once said that it wouldn't be long until we saw advertisements for the law of conservation of energy, or something else that NO RATIONAL HUMAN BEING would think needs to be advertised. I thought I was joking. Maybe not.

Immediately after that was one of those horribly cheesy anti-drug rap ads that used to run during the 80's. Protip: If you're a middle aged white person who wants to combat the pernicious influence of fast-talking negroes with their hippidy dippity rapping and ryhming, you might want to hire someone cool to get your message across. Asking a slightly younger white man in a tweed jacket with a pocket protector and tape on his glasses to emulate the stylings of the hip hop artists is probably not the most effective route. Filming the results on grainy videotape so it looks like a washed out old episode of Blossum, also not the greatest idea. Not the route I'd go.

It's time to face the fact that the democrats are more fiscally responsible than the Republicans. The Republicans now have a 25 or so year record of complete fiscal irresponsibility and waiting around for the Democrats to clean up their messes. They tax less but spend more. That's not really the way to go. I will agree that those who claim that tax cuts are the same as spending are being kind of silly, since that view kind of assumes that all money naturally belongs to the government. On the other hand, trying to cut taxes when you're also hemoraging billions so that West Virginia hicks can go overseas and torture arab men, well that's just not responsible. If you want to achieve the admirable goal of sending moonshine swilling results of centuries of cousin on cousin sex overseas to represent America you're going to have to pay for it.

The Republicans are now officially the party of liars and repressers. That's not to say there aren't some decent Repubs out there, I think John McCain is about 200 times better than Robert "I burn black people" Byrd, but there are various cans of tunafish that would make better senators than the grand Wizard.

I didn't do enough reading today. It's too depressing to read about the civil war under current conditions. Seriously, torture and death are in the news enough, I don't need to know more. I'll do some more reading tomorrow morning before the test but this class was just depressing on so many levels. I'll be glad when it's done.

I think the Nets are probably going to get to the Eastern Conference playoffs. I won't guarantee it but at this point it seems quite likely.

I'm eating way too much this weak. It's not only unhealthy but it's making me uncomfortable. Ugh.

Can't wait for the semester to be done done done. My grades won't be good, and I MEAN it this time, but that's okay. They're the last things on my mind at this point.

I'm damned lucky that I don't faint when I see blood.

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