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You live so close to the edge.

Random thoughts (and yes I know they aren't actaully random, more disorganized and lacking clear inspiration).

There is nothing more disapointing than flipping through the premium channels on TV only to stumble upon a cheap action movie and right into the obligatory nude scene. The attractive (but rarely stunning) actress slips out of her clothes revealing breasts, maybe buttocks, a flash of the bush and then she's into the shower and we're back to the muscley guy. There was no build up, no "I wonder if this is the scene" no time to contemplate the flattering sweaters and wonder about the nipples. They're just there, on screen. Even coming in right AFTER the nude scene is better because then you can file it away for later. "This movie has a nude scene. If I ever wanted to see Hope from that soap opera with no panties on, that would be the opportunity to do so."

What's with this bubble tea fad? Where did it come from and why?

I had a feeling Roy Jones was going to lose yesterday. He seemed overconfident and he was due. I never loved RJ but I don't want to see the fight. I don't want to see him get KTFA. Because while I don't feel sorry for him (he's rich as hell and can retire whenever he wants to) it's kind of unsettling to think of him getting taken out like that. He was invincible, superman, unstoppable.

He was all too human and a left hook left him wondering what time it was and why the little birdies were floating around his head. It's the crushing of a legend. If he had lost a decision on points that would be one thing. He didn't. He got KTFOed

That's what makes boxing boxing. Everyone's always got a puncher's chance (not that Tarver is just a puncher. He deserves a lot of respect for what he did and he's a great fighter in his own right.)

Mob bosses, fictional or real, if you're going to whack the guy who is screwing your girl behind your back, that's fine. I respect that as your prerogative as a ruthless murderer. What I DON'T respect is not cutting the girl loose afterwards. You want to kill her? Cool. You want to dump her and send her back to Idaho? Makes sense to me. You want to keep her around, well that's just WAITING for her to fall in with some other dude who you will then have to whack too. That's downright irresponsible and a public safety hazard. That I cannot abide.

All of these "Worst of..." lists are stupid. They should be called "Worst popular..."

If you want the worst movies of all time you need to break out forgotten rolls of celluloid from the 1950s. If you want the worst songs ever you need to go to obscure record stores. Calling Billy Joel's "We didn't start the fire" one of the worst songs of all time is just stupid. Does it have a tune? Is it at all catchy? Does it have lyrics that have SOME sort of theme and reason?

Sorry. Not one of the worst ever. BZZZT.

Try again.

Just because a movie is coming out about some vaguely educational or historical topic does NOT mean that every fucking educational channel needs to produce a bunch of programming about said event. It's admirable that you want to suck up to the studio to try to get on to the DVD and all, but just no. People who are going to see "Troy" either don't care about history or already know about the Trojan war. They don't need 4 1-hour specials with bad CG and un-telegenic historians trying to tell a tale that Homer got right a couple thousand years ago.

People ask me why I say I'm an untalented writer. The simple fact is that I haven't produced anything good yet. Perhaps untalented is an incorrect phrasing. Perhaps what I should be saying is unskilled. I have always thought of talent as something you were born with and skill as something that you develop, but honestly they are often interchanged in our society. In football when a player is in decline it is said that his skills are eroding. That's not true. His talents are eroding but presumably his skills are still increasing because he is learning the game more every year. Anyway, I need to produce something worthwhile before I consider myself to be talented. Until then I'm just someone who might have a little potential but I won't know. I have set the end of the summer for the date that I want to have a good, edited, piece ready by. It doesn't have to be published it just has to be satisfactory. I think that's a decent goal.

I really should start editing more anyway. Maybe I will in June, during the start of summer. For now I am content to just write write write, churning out material as fast as I can.

A friend saw my film project and didn't really like it. That's okay though, it was a school thing and it was no budget and I have a million excuses. Excuses are my friends, always have been.

My other grades won't be in until tuesday morning at the earliest. This annoys me because they were SUPPOSED to be in on friday. Phooey!

Eric Foner is the main speaker for the Phi Beta Kappa ceremony. I don't know if I think that's neat or I'm disappointed.

The Mets had a GREAT win today. Did it with their pitching which is what they need to do. Mike Piazza denied Roger Clemens a win. Beautiful baby.

The nets are getting WHOOPED by the Pistons. Even when they win it's horribly ugly. If the Pistons had any offense they'have swept the series.

The triple crown has been dilluted. IT's TOO easy to win the Derby and the Preakness these days. It's been like 6 out of the last 8 years. BORING. The Bellmont is a Bellmonster for these horses, but one of them will EVENTUALLY break through. Smarty Jones I DECRY YOU!
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