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Do you suffer from long term memory loss? I can't remember.

Wow. Like a punch to the stomach. I just got an email congratulating me on graduating and offering Alumni resources. Thought it wouldn't affect me but it did. I'm sitting here listening to Chumbawumba with a look on my face like a deer in headlights.

I'm sure this will pass, but it just hit me and it's rough. What am I doing next? What have I done with my life? Why did I waste my time? What pickup line did that homeless guy use?

I also forgot to put something in my last post. I was going to say that that commercial for a car where the guy announces that he wants to do ceramics for the rest of his life but is then seduced into doing something more 'practical' is really a modern day morality play.

Guy wants to live off land and make art.

Guy sees very attractive car with beautiful interior and wood paneling.

Guy abandons art and love and becomes a shill so he can buy luxury items.

That's a GOOD thing? How fucked up can you get?
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