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Does he come across as some fanatic who wants to kill all of us?

I am not happy, not at all. The fucking benefits office is now saying that they won't exempt my classes. I'm either going to have to drop them or pay something on the order of $10,000. If I'm paying that much I might as well go to NYU for classes instead. I'm already 1/6th done with the classes and I've become ensconsed, but frankly if I can get a job I might just withdraw, pay the $70 penalty, and work. I pissed off my professor today partially because I was in such a horrible mood. He's my prof for two of the classes too. I'm not sure what to do, but I do know that whatever it is I have been singificantly jarred from my plan and possibly out of college for good (I would still go to grad school if accepted.)

I'm trying not to freak out or explode with rage, since that never helps anything and I don't want to do that. Just roll with the punches and move on. God damn though, it's so annoying when bureaucrats lie to you. I ASKED this question. I went down there in person and had this conversation. Motherfucker.

It's not the money so much as the surprise. I have the cash, and since it's in my trust fund it's really just play money right now, not real to me in any significant way. Heck if I dropped and went to work it might be a good thing. I don't know how I'll feel out in the real world, although I'll meet fewer friends (not that I've done great in the classroom either.)

I know this is not a huge deal, and I will deal with it. It's just frustrating as hell and I can't fully resolve it tonight, so I have to go sleep unsure and unhappy.

Not the best way to catch some Zzzs.

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