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Come correct

I talked about Republicans as high schoolers in an early entry. I think it's a valid point, but I'd like to expand on it. If Republicans have a high school mentality then the particular clique from high school that they are best represented by is the cheerleaders. By that I don't mean that they're pretty and vapid (there's some merit there) but instead that they are really good at standing on the sidelines and waving pompoms, but not so great at actually getting things done.

The easiest example would be the chickenhawks. They love talking about war and wearing the garb of it, but when the time was at hand for them to actually fight they scattered like cockroachs from a lighted kitchen, saying "oh no, dying for your country is for poor boys." Bushie Bushie couldn't even be bothered to stick with his post in the Texas air guard, obtained for him by his father, freely admitting that he took time off to work on someone's political campaign. Yet he has no problem sipping wine while hundreds of Americans die for his benefit. He goes to summits and campaign dinners while young boys, some not old enough to drink, mix their blood with sand under the desert sun. I haven't fought either. I don't pretend to know what's that like. But I can't imagine that I'd ever ask anyone to fight unless the threat was imminent, and even then I'd try to grasp the enormity of war. Bushie Bushie doesn't even know what enormity is, he was in the bathroom snorting cocaine when they taught it in school.

He has the audacity to fly around in a plane and make ludicrous speeches while men are dying because little Georgie Porgie wanted to go to Iraq. It's like a 4 year old playing with G.I. Joes. "Boom Boom" little Georgie says, only he's playing with real tanks, and lacks the strategic sophistication of a kid who has graduated to pull-up diapers.

But I'm off topic. We were talking about cheerleaders. The republicans have treated this war like it was some sort of football game to be won. They knew how to stand on the sidelines and dance around while our army rolled over the other team and reached the endzone, AKA Baghdad. That part went decently well, no doubt about it. They had not a fucking clue what to do when that was done though. Cheerleaders don't bother with things like administration or controlling insurgents. They clap and wave their little pompoms. This is how the Republicans have continued to behave. They wave the flag and hold pep rallies while everything continues to go to shit.

Now there are Republicans who had real war experience and even have decent ideas about what to do with Iraq. But they're not on the cheerleading squad. They're guys like John McCaine and Bob Dole, holding to the party line while they grit their teeth and bite their tongues to keep from saying what they really think. Dumb Little Georgie doesn't even have the character to be disgusted with the waste of life. He just thinks he's back at Yale, dresses in his little uniform, and prances around.

Cheerleaders are also known to be sluts. There are exceptions, it's true, but one doesn't put on a tiny skirt and get flung around in the air with one's panties exposed if one isn't entertaining wicked thoughts. There has never been a sluttier administration than that of Dumb Little Georgie. Just to take the most egregious example, we could look at Enron. Dumb Little Georgie was the arm candy to Ken Lay's big bad business jock. He wore what Kenny wanted, did anything for Kenny, and rose to prominance in large part thanks to Kenny's largesse. He certainly knew that after an expensive date he should put out, and his administration has been all about putting out. Then when Dumb Little Georgie and Kenny were caught in coitus by the press and Kenny blew out a knee thanks to shady accounting Dumb Little Georgie tried to deny that they were ever in love. He just looked right up, naked, with Kenny's hips pressed into his buttocks, and said that Kenny had supported Ann Richardson. He lied like a stupid cheerleader, blatently telling an obvious untruth and hoping it would stick. It did in the gin-soaked minds of the Nascar losers, but they are really the naive little brothers of the political set, willing to believe anything their big sister tells them, even that Kenny was just trying to dislodge some food that Dumb Little Georgie had in her throat, nevermind why they were naked.

Now DLG gets his kicks with Haliburton. He puts out all over the place, letting them overcharge like mad and get their hands on that lovely oil. Of course Haliburton was one of his earlier loves. It nurtured him when he was just a hard drinking coke addict oil man. Can you say daddy complex?

Then there's the torture issue. Let's put aside comparisons to hazing, because they are ludicrous and unwarranted. Killing innocent, vulnerable, people isn't irresponsible, it's evil. I don't know if DLG understands life and death, at least when it comes to poor people. He certainly isn't bothered by U.S. deaths in Iraq. This dehumanization is very much of the kind that popular kids at school use, though, and in that it is like hazing. It comes from a dark and evil place, the place where Dicklicker Cheney dwells all the time.

We now know that Dumb Little Georgie's administration sought legal justification for torturing innocent people. We know that they considered themselves above the rules of the Geneva convention and even common humanity (not that one could ever accuse them of being human, at least no more than Rotten Ronnie "Ketchup is a vegetable. Dumb hicks will buy that because they are retarded." was.) What are they angry about? Not the torture, the being caught. They are the popular kids at high school who torture and abuse and pick on others and consider themselves above the law.

Finally I'd like to bring up Christianity, that most misunderstood and abused doctrine of the undereducated and gullible. DLG and co don't give a fuck about Christianity. They don't even understand its basic doctrine of humanity and love towards even your enemies. If they practiced that, well then we wouldn't be invading countries that don't threaten us, or torturing innocent people for the pleasure of Jack Asscroft. Yet they continue to parade it around in macabre pep rallies among the Ku Klux Klan set that they court so well. It's just like Cheerleaders who put out what the establishment wants them to in public, while in private they smoke, drink, and screw. "Abstinance Abstinance Ra Ra Ra" they exclaim hypocritically, while the blind and stupid adults look on with glazed eyes, unable to see past the surface.

I saw a commercial for Dumb Little Georgie this morning. In it he said "Pessimism never created a Job." That's a blatent lie, the entire insurance industry runs on pessimism, among others. It does show their cheerleader like causeless optimism. One of the things being praised about Rotten Ronnie Reagan is his pep. He sure did have a lot of pep. No good ideas. Lots of pep.

They win because there's a large segment of this country that just can't grasp anything beyond that cheerleader mentality. In countless municipalities schools are for football, not for book learning. People stand on the sidelines and cheer as the assholes and morons who make up so many sports teams do their little things, and then complain about 'boring' things like math competitions. They are anti-intellectual dimwits. Hypocritical Christians with the moral sophistication of a slug. They sure does like them some cheerleaders, though. Cheerleaders and beer. They may not understand complicated things like Evolution (No way! God created the world. An old book tells me so. I think. I never did read it. Reading's for losers.) but damned if they can't get behind pompoms and short skirts.

Voting for DLG says one of several things about you. Either you're wealthy and greedy, and think the poor should be fifth class citizens, you went to a bad high school/college and don't quite grasp basic reason or that 'newsie stuff', or you're an anti-freedom social conservative.
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