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I'm starting to feel better, and I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm just getting used to my new non-existance, or maybe I'm adjusting to the diet, getting over the whole school shock, and girding my loins for the rest of my life. It's hard to tell at this point, my emotions and thoughts have vascilated so wildly over the last month or so that I'm just happy to be riding a pleasant stretch, not too concerned about the cause of it.

I'm talking to my friend about producing a short film in the near future. I really think I ought to do it. The money is an issue, especially with me not having a job, but I'm young and I want to DO something. I feel like I'm in limbo right now about looking for employment since my cousin (she's not really my cousin but it's a vaguely familial relationship so I'm just going to say that, instead of saying my first cousin once removed's ex-wife's niece, who may sound like she should be my age but is actually 50) cancelled yesterday, postponed for later. She said she had a respiratory infection, although on the telephone it was difficult to tell and she may have been making an excuse for something else. That's fine by me, she's doing me a favor and doesn't even need an excuse, but I don't know whether to pursue other stuff elsewhere in the meantime or not. For now I've been sort of looking around, but nothing's jumped out at me so I haven't sent off a resume. I figure that at the very least she'll be able to tell me what sorts of jobs I should look for.

I've had a piece about cults marinating in my brain for about a week but I don't know whether to make it funny or serious, and thus have been blocked in terms of actually getting it written. I suppose it doesn't really matter, since at this point it would suck either way, but it's like having a bit of popcorn suctioned on to the top of one of your teeth. Annoying even if it's not fatal.

At least my head is clearing. I've been playing too many videogames, which is dumb, but also doing some thinking. I've come to grips with the fact that my work won't be widely admired and am now just trying to plot a course where I can be happy, artistically satisfied, and wealthy enough to afford a meal consisting of more than Ramen on a semi-annual basis. This is not as easy as it sounds. And it sounds hard. I've also come to some personal realizations about everything from poor eating habits to the fact that I really should have talked to that girl last semester, although neither of these is hitting me like a cannonball of regret (as I would expect.) They're both just sort of there, recognized, absorbed, accepted. That's not like me, but I'll take it.

My TV just went out, and I don't think I mind. I've been watching too much anyway, and it's quite frankly not all that good. I saw bits of Terminator 3 while playing Tropico 2 (One is the loneliest number that you'll ever see in a land of sequels and unoriginality. One is the loneliest number...) and was unimpressed. I blame, in part, the pan and scan. The other things that I blame include the acting and the script. The special effects were fairly special, but I didn't give a damn about the characters and the plot was generic. Also Claire Danes was HORRIBLY miscast. She looked big and horse-faced, maybe because she's maturing or maybe because she's too thin. In any case, she may be an excellent actress (I can't think of anything I loved her in) but she made no sense for this role. It was a poorly written role, and she spent most of the movie looking like she was vaguely annoyed at being required to run all over and do contrived action movie shit, when all she wanted was some meaty dialogue and someone to play off. Not gonna happen sister, this is a movie about the Governator carrying a big coffin around while he fires a machinegun, not clever banter and plot development (although the previous two films were at least a little bit about that.) They should have gotten someone cute for the role. I'm not a 'looks snob' when it comes to films, and I don't judge actresses by their attractiveness alone. However, for me to care about an actress' talent and intelligence I have to care about her character. Katharine Hepburn wouldn't have improved Baywatch one iota. If it's going to be a throw away character at least give me someone pretty to look at. That's all I'm saying. It's not like Claire Danes' name was putting butts in seats for Terminator 3. Nobody went to that thinking "Oh it's a Claire Danes picture, I really loved her in Igby Goes Down."

See if they had stuck Caroline Dhavernas in the role, I would have turned off the computer and watched it. Maybe even picked up the DVD (which I might do anyway just because I like having the big films on disc, but then again I might not because it was such an 'eh' experience.) So let's review, for a good role get the best actress. For a disposable role, at least get a pretty face. They reversed it in Terminator 3. Kristianna Loken was mediocre as the T-X, in a part that could have been good (they didn't even have her use her sexuality for power, which one really would expect given that they got her purely on the basis of her being good looking.) In fact I would venture to say that what they should have done is had Claire Danes play the part of the terminatrix (she could have buffed up like Linda Hamilton) and had Loken play the disposable girlfriend.

Of course there shouldn't BE disposable girlfriends in well-written movies, but that's a whine of a different vintage.
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