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I can't get enough

A few random points:

If anyone's interested I won the latest captioncontests for the third time in a row. What perplexes me most about this is that as far as I know I have yet to get a single "Friend of" or even a comment from that. It's not like I really care, it's just interesting. You'd think three wins would get you at least a couple looks at your personal journal but, well, not so much.

I've decided not to take any writing samples to this silly website job thing today for a bunch of reasons, the soundest of which is that I don't have anything ready. That's irritating. I think it's just a travashamockery anyway. I have a couple other web based job offers but nothing that pays, which is unfortunate. I can't wait to talk to my cousinperson tomorrow. At least then I will know where I stand and can get on with the business of finding employment. The days are starting to run together like a big sticky mess of cheese, and that's no gouda.

The Taco Bell express on 95th street closed. It was replaced by a tasti-D-light. I was finally going to get to go to Taco Bell guilt free and they took that away from me. BAH!

I am not getting enough protein right now and that stinks. I need to fix that. It's important to get your protein, especially when losing weight. I don't want to lose muscle mass. I should start lifting again.

I have two scripts for comedy shorts in my head but as of yet I've been unable to write them. I really need to buy a scriptwriting program. If I had a JOB I could afford it. I should get it anyway as it's almost the definition of a good investment. Not necessarily from a monetary perspective, but from the perspective of sanity.

I want to visit more museums, but I don't want to go alone and most of my friends are ignorant. I should go alone anyway.

Weight loss is still proceeding something like according to plan.

Bad Santa just shipped from my internet store and I can't wait until it arrives. For those who have been reading this journal since Christmas you may remember how much that movie perked me up when I saw in the theatre, and I have a feeling it's going to be a personal favorite on DVD as well. One of my secret fantasies is to hook up with a traditional woman (and by this I don't mean non-transexual, although that is definitely a requirement, no offense intended) and go to her parents house at Christmas. Then I want there to be a situation where everyone contributes his or her favorite Christmas movie and the family sits around watching them. I would, of course, bring Bad Santa, a movie that flew far enough under the radar that most of them wouldn't remember how dark the advertising for it showed it was. We would watch it after the children had run off to sleep and I would revel in seeing the midwestern politeness do battle with the desire to watch happy fluff as the family got to see the most cynical dark movie about Christmas ever made. It would be a really interesting experiment.

Yes. These are the sorts of things I fantasize with. Not so much the hot makeout session with the girl in her childhood bed, but the heated discussion after exposing her family to Bad Santa. Me attempting to explain that it was both horizon broadening for them and an honest representation of my sensabilities. Her attempting to explain that she has to LIVE with these people 365.25 days a year.

These are the sorts of fantasies I have. Thousands of them. I never claimed to be normal.

Because I really don't see myself in an actual relationship with a traditional midwestern woman I also want to have a 'man's Christmas movie marathon.' Right now I'm thinking Die Hard, Die Hard 2, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Bad Santa, in that order. I'd love a few more suggestions though.

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