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Through with screaming

It's summer now, it's been so since yesterday. I did fix up my piece about why I don't like Christian politicians and send it in to the website, so that's a pseudo achievement, but it's too personal for my tastes. I want to write something a little bit more accessible. The thing is that I've taken an intentional hiatus from political writing recently. The reason for this is pretty simple. My last few political writings were so angry and vitrolic that they bothered even me, and I decided I needed a break. I'm not done with my break, but there are things percolating in my mind and I won't hold them back forever.

I went to my interview today and I thought it went well. I talked to the guy for over an hour, and since there are over 100 applicants for this thing I don't think he would have spent that much time with me if I wasn't being seriously considered. There were a few potential faux pas and problems, but for the most part things went well, and I may be offered a really attractive position. It's not guaranteed but I'll be optimistic, even though it's against my nature.

I definitely feel better on days when I actually do productive stuff, as opposed to those where I sit around waiting for my life to start. The interview energized and excited me, while yesterday I frittered the day away feeling unsatisfied and a little depressed. Work is a good thing. It stimulates the mind and gives the day structure. I'm sure I'll feel differently when I'm putting in 60 hour weeks, but isn't that the beauty of having a livejournal? You get to whine about the humidity before the storm and the rain during it.

Other writing projects are coming along slowly. That's okay, I guess, but I really do need to pick things up while I still have time. I don't feel sharp, it's frustrating as hell. I need honing.

On my walk home from the interview I went through Central Park and saw areas I'd never seen before. It was rainy and dark and wonderful. As lovely as Central Park is most of the time, it's even more incredible when you basically have it to yourself. Walking along the bridal (as in horses, not chicks hoping to eventually get half the 'community property' in the divorce proceedings) path in a drizzle with nobody else around is a somewhat magical experience. It's incredible how even in Manhattan, the most populous little island in the country, one can steal a few moments alone beneath the clouds and trees.
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