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Random Thoughts

There are two kinds of comedies. The kind meant to be uproariously funny, and the kind meant to be lighthearted and pleasant. The first catagory is a risky proposition, pushing the boundaries and risking either offending the audience or falling flat on its face. The second is less difficult to execute competently, almost always at least pleasant and sometimes quite enjoyable. The thing is that they don't aspire to be more than pleasant and harmless. I think that's bullshit, and I don't understand why the vast majority of romantic comedies are of the second type.

The two articles I want to write are on tax inequity (because of the book I'm reading right now) and another one which escapes me at the moment. Damn. I wanted to write them up here so I'd remember, but I didn't get it down fast enough. Oh well, it'll come back.

Chronicles of Riddick is a very good video game. From all indications it's an incredibly lousy movie, but I'll probably see it anyway since I have a free pass. I think that a lot of the time big budgets can RUIN a film, rather than enhance it. Lower budget films need characters and careful design. The bigger the budget the bigger chance of a film being incredibly bloated and special effects focused, which can be a disaster.

I'm waiting for this phone call and it might not come today. That would seriously suck. Waiting is really rough. I know I shouldn't sit around and wait, and I'm doing a variety of things, but I'm still fairly frustrated.

There's a guy on Jeopardy who has won $500,000 in 15 straight wins. That's outstanding. How many wins and how much money do you need to get before it makes up for the fact that you've won it in Jeopardy, in terms of getting tail. Is it better or worse to tell a woman that you stole the money as opposed to won it on Jeopardy?

My friend Gabe told me that I should visit a prostitute to improve the quality of my writing. He is not the first. Why is it that people think that virgins can't achieve anything? Isaac Newton never got laid and he did pretty decent for himself!
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