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Fourth decade, you fucking twat

The subject line is in response to a Fox female sports anchor who declared the Derek Jeter had accomplished quite a lot for someone entering his third decade of life. He just turned 30. This in and of itself is a fairly minor offense, but it's what its symptomatic of that bothers me. This woman was clearly hired for her face, and perhaps her breasts and voice, and not at all her knowledge or intelligence. This bothers me, because it shows one of the deep fissures in our society.

David Brooks, in his column in the New York Times today, writes about how Michael Moore is contemptuous towards the average American. I'm fine with that, and I think it's somewhat deserved. The type of society that pays people hundreds of thousands of dollars to talk in front of a camera, but doesn't care whether they can talk intelligently, is deserving of scorn. What bothers me about Moore is that he's disingenous about it. He'll laugh at the U.S. when he's in France and talk about how wonderful and liberal this country is when he's on these shores. Now there's something poetic about calling Americans ignorant idiots in Europe and then playing to them on this continent, sure that the stateside savages won't hear about the nastiness across the pond. On the other hand, when one is constantly calling the other side a bunch of liars and hypocrits, one probably shouldn't be a hypocrit oneself. Moore also claims to be an advocate for the poor and dispossessed while being rich, self serving, and even patrician at times.

A New York jury awarded $25 million to two young men who took dives off of a pier after they had to climb a fence to even get on to it, and broke their necks. It's like Dawinism in reverse. If you survive being a MONUMENTAL idiot, you get a huge payday. I'd be ashamed to sue in a situation like that. The worst part is that one guy dove AFTER the other broke his neck, in an attempt to help him. Protip: If your friend dives off a pier and breaks his neck, chances are it's unwise to follow in his footsteps. Climb down, call for help, there are numerous appropriate responses. Hoping that lightning (or in this case shallow water) won't strike twice, not one of them.

While I'm on the topic of American stupidity and hypocracy, I think this Jack Ryan thing is great. Not because a politician is getting railroaded because of sexual behaviors, that's puritanical bullshit. This society hasn't evolved from the olden days when it was reasonable to be religious, and we are suffering for it. In order to believe in creationism in this day and age, you have to be willfully ignorant or illiterate. Only a drooling moron would take the word of a 5,000 year old book over science, reason, and everything else that evolution has going for it. Likewise, if you can't separate political behavior and sexual behavior, you should not be voting. Go back to your Church, your wife, and your mistress. If you don't like "thinkering" and "readering" then don't vote.

Okay, I'm going off track. The reason I'm gleefull over Ryan's fall from grace is that he's a Republican. The Republicans have long relied on the votes from the uneducated bigoted hicks who can't handle their politicians having sex. It's always good when one of them is revealed to be human, and has to pay for it. I'm hoping that the gays DO out the Republican homosexuals who are coming out against gay marriage. If you're going to gather support among the inbreds by lambasting the gays, you should at least be honest enough to admit that you are a sodomite.

Moore's right. This country is a mess. It's too bad he's not more honest than he is.

Addressing what I wrote last night, I was just trying to reveal some of my thought processes. When I say I need to be more honest, what I mean is that I need to stop worrying about offending other people and driving them away by being myself. If it happens, it happens, but art does not come from artifice and if I have any pretenses of doing anything worthwhile I need to cut through the crap. I did not mean that I need to be explicitly sexual in my writing or conversation, just that I shouldn't be afraid of that. One thing you learn as a fat dork, or really any kind of dork, is to sublimate your sexuality. Women reject you, other guys laugh at your sexuality, at your expense, and if you're percieved as a glutton then it's assumed that your sexual appetites are also grotesque. Fat men, in culture, are almost always portrayed as either asexual, or horney beyond measure, constantly seeking to oppose themselves upon females. It explains hy so many outsiders get involved in unusual sexual behaviors. They need to sublimate. Certainly Crumb wouldn't feel the need to get piggyback rides if the girls in his school hadn't sought sex with jerks and losers rather than him. Yet in the sublimated sexuality there is some truth, and the outsider status is what gives the artist much of his inspiration. I'm rambling, very poorly, but you get my drift.
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