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Limited number of people

From the department of the obvious, a headline on read: Study shows people are happier when they are paid to work.

What the article says is that people are happier when they are paid for labor rather than paid for nothing, but the headline makes it seem like people don't like working for free. Ha-ha.

I took another lengthy walk, it was nice. I figured out how to help heal the wounds of my script, and got some more thinking done. It was really pleasant. New York is having gorgeous weather, and Central Park is in full bloom. People are playing, relaxing, running. This is a gritty city, but you can't tell that right now in the park. To tell the truth New York has softened a lot over the past few decades. It's a lot friendlier and less stressed out. I don't know if I like it or not. I also have to give props to the New York State Republican Party. Giulianni and Bloomberg have both been examples of decent Republican mayors. Both have done things that I seriously disagree with, especially Bloomberg's fucking with smoking and noise, but neither has run the city into the ground, and Giulianni did a hell of a lot of good, while Bloomberg has carried on his legacy more or less. They may be some of the best Republican politicians around (of course Bloomberg was a Democrat before running for mayor, and since he's so rich he easily financed his own campaign for $68 million, he is not beholden to special interests.)

I also had the idea for some poetry. It's bad and political and I'll post it later. It'll probably offend the hell of some of the people who read this, but frankly I'm not trying to make this journal reader friendly at the moment. I'm making it writer friendly. I'm not sure why certain people are still reading this, not that I mind just that I figured I'd have offended them out of here by now.

I'm watching right now, because it's a decent movie and because I've just joined on to a startup internet company well after the boom went bye-bye. It'd be really neat if I could get a camera in there and try my own little documentary type thing about this, but that'd be after establishing myself as an essential player, and that's at least a few months off.

I feel pretty good right now, like I'm starting to bust out of my cocoon and going to become a beautiful butterfly. The future looks long and bright at the moment. I need to lose the weight. I need to practice my writing and my filmmaking. I need to find a way to make money. I have needs. But I also have great stuff going on right now, and I have things to read and watch, challenges to engage with, things I want to create, Mets to root for, a life to lead. I'm excited. Really and truly. It may not last forever but it's here for now. And that's enough. For now.
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