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Look out honey cause I'm using technology.

In talking about darkness and the bleakness inside of me I forgot to mention catharsis. I had intended to, while going on my little walk, but I forget things. I really need a tape recorder so I can say "note to self" and look like an arrogant crazy person. My memory is good but my mind is better, churning out ideas faster than I can jot them down mentally.

Anyway, catharsis is important and dark art is how it is done. That's what horror films and dark comedies and all the rest of it do. They act as a release to the anger and rage that resides in the animal side of the human mind. People need the catharsis, most of all the artists. No matter what your vision of the world, dark and bitter or totally incorrect, there's a place for the thorns and the sadness.

Last night I was walking around my house listening to music, as I am wont to do, and there was darkness there and I thought of Alien and went running back towards the light of my room. I nearly jumped out of my skin, no noise or cat required. Why do I do it to myself? Is it really for the children? Can I honestly say that it's for the children?

I was awakened by the rain and kept up by it as well. It's funny, in the country the rain actually helps me sleep but in the city it does the opposite. I think it's because I'm worries that it will come through the windows I leave irresponsibly open and damage my electronics, or just because natural phenomena feel false and faded in a land of concrete and unpolished steel.

I'm tired right now, but okay. My cat has been harassing me non-stop. I think that in some ways having a cat is worse than having a child (although I really hope I never find that one out) because A) Cats are nocturnal B) Cats never really learn or grow out of whining about food late at night or jumping on your bed wanting to play at 3 in the morning and C) They don't like grow up and give you all the rewards. Of course it's a totally ridiculous statement, since cats don't require nearly the level of care, but it doesn't seem ridiculous when my freaking cat is doing its best to make suspicious noises and keep me awake late at night.

I realize that I've been bombarding people's friends pages with lengthy screeds, but that's a good thing, for me. I am writing again and I feel inspired, or at least the beginnings of inspiration are creeping back into my life. I don't know if I'll do any fiction writing today, since I didn't sleep well and I tend to write poorly when I haven't slept sufficiently (I ALWAYS write poorly? Ha fucking ha. You're so funny. Smartass.) As always, people who don't want their friends pages cluttered with thousands of words a day are free to, as Patrick Stewart playing Jean Luc Picard might say, make it so. I'm glad to be writing again, a little less frustrated than I was before.

Max Kellerman's new show isn't particularly good, but the worst part is that the guests always win over him. I think I've mentioned this before, and it makes sense and all, but it REALLY bothers me. It's pandering. Kellerman grew up in New York and went to Columbia (I thought he went to Hunter too, but that might have been me confabulating) Poor Max.

Why doesn't Alicia Witt get more work? She's incredibly hot and reasonably talented. This is the sort of thing that confuses me about Hollywood. How do doofs like Freddie Prinz Jr. continue working when there's SO much talent out there? Doesn't that bother people?

I've been reading and thinking about the whole individual savings account idea that the Republicans have been pushing, and I have to say that they are just spectacularly bad ideas, for a variety of reasons. The issue isn't really with the idea itself, which in an equitable society would be fine, but with the way it would be applied. Shift health care and retirement expenses on to the poor to free up more money for executives and tax cuts for the rich? I do not approve. Executive compensation is actually much higher than you think it is, some of them earn up to half of a company's profits and this is rarely linked closely to performance. The way they've done this is by reducing compensation to the average joes who actually do the work. The switch from pensions to IRAs was part of this, and so too will be the shift from HMOs to medical savings accounts. I support individualized benefits packages in principal, but in practice they are problematic. Instead of giving employees the money they currenty recieve in terms of health insurance or retirement funds, what companies actually do is channel most of that money upstairs and force employees to shoulder extra burdans. For example, with pension plans, it wasn't like the popularity of the IRA led to the pension money being channeled into individual accounts that workers to control. What happened was about 10% of the money that used to go to pensions went to matching funds and the like, and the rest went upstairs to the satanists. The same thing will happen with individualized medical savings accounts, and that's why I oppose them.
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