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George was never my thing and I

Yesterday was unconventionally productive. I didn't work on my job hunt, I didn't work on my driver's license and I didn't look into classes. Instead I finished that Fourth essay I was working on, did some work on my script, finished a book, and worked up a new idea for a script with the help of a Randy Newman song. Good stuff. I'm focusing on my writing at the moment. I need a job, sure, but right now I'm happy and I'm doing what I want to be doing and how often can you say that about yourself over the course of your life? Hopefully a lot, but realistically not all that many.

I had what I consider a New York encounter today. While I was waiting on the elevator to leave my Shrink's office a young man came up behind me and inquired as to where the button was (the elevator set up is really weird and the button is actually about 20 feet from where the elevator that works is.) We got to talking, and went for a walk, both of us thinking that the other had a destination to the east and north, which was not really true. We ended up walking and chatting for about 2 hours, passing my old school, weaving through Central Park, and going over numerous topics ranging from politics to cinema and back. He was a nice guy, a little bit fractured in his speaking, but so was I at that point as we were moving quickly and it was hot and we both had more to say than we had time to say it. We circled back to his house, I gave him my email (I had nothing to write his down with) and said so long. I don't think he'll contact me, it just didn't have that feel to it, but it was a really nice chat and I'm both glad that I had the conversation and proud of myself for being open to it, since I have often in the past had a closed attitude towards people I don't know well.

Okay, so meeting a guy and walking around chatting with him isn't that odd and perhaps doesn't deserve to be a New York moment, but there's a slight twist. This dude turned out to be Mark Hamill's son. I didn't find out until towards the end of our chat, but I had the feeling he was celebrity connected from early on, just something about his attitude (not that it was arrogant or anything, he's a really nice fellow) and a couple little comments he dropped. I even held back on a few of my traditional jokes about celebrities for that reason. I found out in a weird way, he asked me my last name because he wanted to know if it was ethnic Jewish so I asked his in return. Anyway, what makes it uniquely New York, I think, is the combination of a celebrity's offspring and the totally unassuming nature of the meeting. I mentioned during the walk that in LA you don't run into the big shots because they are always in their cars or some fancy place, for the most part they aren't walking sweaty through the park on a humid July day. I've mentioned this before, but I think it bears repeating. New York is a very egalitarian city in some ways.

Anyway, I learned a little bit about myself. I learned that I can indeed talk to strangers in a way that does not cause them to run off in horror, and it was a good reminder that people are people. Hollywood and the entertainment business, my ultimate goal I think (at least for financing, most likely) often seems far away and unreachable. A little brush with fame is a good reminder that people are just people, flesh and blood and sweat and tears. Everyone has to start somewhere. I'm here right now. It's time to find out where I can get to. I was invited up to the apartment for some water and a place to urinate (the bathroom of the apartment, specifically) but I declined because I don't go into strangers homes on the first encounter and I wouldn't know quite how to deal with meeting the father. Thinking it over, the second reason is not a valid one (the first one is, he could have been a psycho who would stab me in the jugular and drink my life's blood. He didn't seem that way at all, but this IS New York City)

I've been meaning to talk about the Kerry Edwards ticket. I've been pulling for Edwards as VP the whole time, and I think he was selected for that reason. Not because of me specifically, but because the majority of democrats and liberals considered him the best choice for the ticket. I think it was the right selection, there are weaknesses there but Edwards Vs Cheney? The Evil Mastermind against the second coming of JFK? I have a feeling that their debate could be Nixon Kennedy all over again, and that would not be good for Tricky Dicky Jr. Vice Presidents don't control campaigns but they help shape how a ticket is seen and I think Kerry made the right choice here. It's boosted his poll numbers slightly, but the real test will be to see what happens when he dispatches Edwards to whip up support by barnstorming. I think it'll work, and Edwards is young enough to wait his turn behind Kerry without resentment. If Kerry wins two terms He'll be 59 when he gets his chance, and that's plenty young to run for President. If Kerry loses this time then he's poised to make a run in 2008. The only way this hurts Edwards is if Kerry wins a single term.

John Kerry finally makes a good move in his run for President. Someone should make sure that it's not a doppelganger running in his place. He's been TRYING to throw the election to his old Skull and Bones classmate, but now he's done something to hurt that strategy.

Oh and following in sheepsville, if anyone wants to ask me a question about myself I'll answer it. That's sort of always out there, but I'll say that specifically. I give long, involved, drawn out answers. It's who I am. Be prepared.

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