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August 2001
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02:18 am: Plagurism
08:59 am: Worthless posting do not read
04:22 pm: Would you love me more if I called you a guttersnipe?
08:04 am: (no subject)
03:31 pm: (no subject)
01:51 pm: (no subject)
02:33 pm: (no subject)
07:51 am: (no subject)
03:11 pm: (no subject)
09:45 am: (no subject)
12:34 pm: (no subject)
01:56 pm: Deposit for my thoughts
04:36 pm: I am an Anti-Social animal - 3 comments
08:07 am: (no subject)
10:45 am: Dr. X strikes again! And I ramble incoherently in respone! Film at 11!
01:21 pm: (no subject) - 3 comments
12:31 am: Don't get so down on yourself
09:14 am: You're like a Kenny Loggins record, no one's ever gonna hear you
02:48 pm: (no subject)
10:39 pm: (no subject)
06:34 am: (no subject) - 1 comment
11:57 am: (no subject)
06:57 pm: (no subject) - 1 comment
08:52 am: Shoot to thrill - 2 comments
09:06 am: What do you do for Money Honey? How do you get your kicks?
11:59 am: I want school to come soon
05:39 pm: Isn't it Ironic. Don't you think?
08:44 pm: Catty Cat Cat done gone
10:04 pm: Guilt
10:01 am: More on The Cat (tm)
03:33 pm: SUCKER, FUCKING SUCKER! Fred Shut The Fuck Up
05:24 pm: From Hero to Zero
02:47 pm: All TOO Easy
06:21 pm: Jonesin' for your fix of the Limp Bizket mix
02:07 pm: I will be sitting on top when it all goes wrong again
08:10 pm: It hurts so bad when you finally know just how low low low low low she'll go
12:20 pm: Dirty Eyes
12:20 pm: Dirty Eyes
08:47 pm: Being Bad does NOT feel good
12:14 am: The Razor Perceptions That Cut Just a Little Too Deep
09:09 am: She says baby, it's 3-AM I must be lonely
01:51 pm: It's funny how things don't turn out like you want 'em to.
08:38 pm: Maine House
06:32 pm: What it means to be in Maine
11:48 pm: Ask yourself a question, anyone but me...Are you free?
10:53 am: They want to push me around. Well They Will. Well They Will.
06:18 pm: I got a molotov cocktail with a match to go, I smoke my cigarette with style
11:09 am: Wrong conclusions that leave you alone, how could everyone else have changed?
04:38 pm: And it's good I'm not angry, anymore.
11:22 pm: I could turn you inside out, what I choose not to do
11:22 pm: I could turn you inside out, what I choose not to do
09:53 am: I just don't understand how you can smile with all those tears in your eyes, and tell me everything will be wonderful now.
08:11 pm: Don't let it end this way
10:23 am: Sharpening stones, walking on coals, to improve your business acumen.
06:34 pm: I wish the real world would stop hasseling me
07:46 pm: What we've got here is a failure to communicate
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