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These are the works of our lives

Sometimes I think I should frame myself for some relatively horrible crime in a state without the death penalty and get locked up in solitary confinement for the rest of my days with only a pad of paper and a pencil. There'd be no distractions, no worries about options or life path, and plenty of time for introspection. I find myself to be pleasant enough company, and I'd have an excuse for supposition and speculation without the option of actually living life out there to drag me down. Some of my happiest moments in life are pacing around in my apartment, music blaring loud enough to hurt my ears, lost deep in fantasy inside my head. These fantasies are why I want to create, and they are vivid and wonderful. Plus you lose weight eating prison food. It's a fact.

I'm going to record my current ideas for writing projects here and their state of completion. This is really for my reference although people can ask questions if they like, and I'll do my best to answer them.

Untitled B&G: Roughly 10 minute short script about two aspiring filmmakers. Bizzare dialogue driven comedy. 1st draft finished, trying to get some reader feedback so I can start some serious editing but it's been very difficult.

Neurotica: 10 minute short script based on my little storylette. More complicated than B&G and less bizzare/funny, but more coherent. About 25% done with first draft.

Untitled Short Story/Novella: About a very large space colonization project where things go horribly horribly wrong. Shades of Event Horizon but different enough to be interesting I'd think. Some scenes worked out in my head, and the first lines down. Currently working on defining characters.

2 poems: Might have to drop these. Not getting anything worthwhile done since I don't write poetry well.

Pandora: Feature script/Novella about a young (Think 7-9) girl who wishes all of her nightmares out of her head and into the world. Brutal and unrelenting. Just working on the concept right now. So far she has a 16 year old brother, but he's not going to make it.

99 ways to die (song title): Brutal Nihilistic revenge story. Think Payback without the moral nucleus, taken to the full extreme of unrelenting suicidal rage. Think cool stunts and people dragged behind motorcycles by barbed wire necklaces. Think lines like "I'm perfectly comfortable with my own psychosis." delivered in gruff monotone. A lot of it's worked through but I'm not sure if the main character can be likeable while he's beating the crap out of priests and giving waitresses tips like "Duck."

The trilogy: Still keeping this under wraps. You guys can laugh at or disparage the others all you want but this one matters to me.

I seriously jammed my toes while walking on coblestones today. It was unpleasant but I powered through it. I do that too much, I should listen to my body. Fortunately I think there was no serious damage, but there could have been.

I was walking back up from 96th street today and I ran into 8 seperate homeless people. It made me so angry at our government I almost had an anuerysm. Mentally ill people should not be forced out on the street, and especially not in such numbers. It's unconscienable.
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