January 2nd, 2002


Am I just too stupid to realize? Stale Incense, old sweat, and lies lies lies

Another day another drama. Apparently one of my high school friends has run off to England without permission from his parents. Now this might not seem like a big deal, since all my high school friends are over 20 and this particular one is over 21 which means that he is legally entitled to go wherever he likes, but he still lives with his parents/grandparents and he has a history of making decisions which I find questionable. Also I'm not sure if he intends to return before next semester which is REALLY worrisome. I mean I just don't think he's ready for the real world yet. He's a smart guy but....well...he's profoundly naive. A real innocent type. And I worry about him. I do. I dunno, maybe this trip will be good for him, a chance to go out there and make it Mary Tyler Moore style.

I only bring this up because his father called me looking for a phone number, and you know his dad has to be fairly frantic to call someone who he has only spoken to twice EVER. I managed to get the phone number from someone else and send it his pop's way, but still....does being of age give one the right to strike out on your own or is it being self sufficient? Something to think about.

Oh and I had a dream where everyone thought Columbia was a bad school and they were all looking at my grades and saying things like "Wow, just think how poorly you would have done at a REAL college" and such. I woke up thinking about how Harvard students don't take finals till after winter breaking and wondering if the finals are much harder or if the students just have a lot more time. Of course half of harvard students per class get A- or above so maybe it ain't a great example. I don't know, my neurosis is writing checks my intellect can't cash. Or somethin' similar.
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