January 3rd, 2002


Grade day grade day, nerves are raw and frayed day.

So from now on at any moment they could update my transcript on Columbianet and I could learn my academic fate for the semester. Scary. Been waiting for a couple weeks and it's finally here. Of course it COULD be that none of my profs got the grades in on time and I learn NOTHING, but if that happens I might just waste another day moping around WAITING so I'm gonna hope it doesn't. I hope to learn about at least one new grade today, because any of my remaining grades will have a profound effect on how I feel about the semester. Well, maybe not social psych which is all based on one test which I didn't handle well, but sociology or lit hum. I'm gonna leave this entry open in order to report post-informed emotions since making two entries over this one thing seems a little self indulgent.

9:10- still not updated. Thinking about putting on my Eddie Bauer polartec hat I got yesterday because my head is cold. That really has nothing to do with the grades, but sitting around in my shirt and boxers and a polartec hat is a funny image.

9:20 talking about cold head jinxed me and made my legs feel cold. Put on pants. Still no news. Going to eat breakfast.

9:30 Fast Broken. Columbia.net slow to respond, could this mean that grades are being uploaded! Stay tuned for the high drama. Okay....pettiness on my part...but damn it I'm a showman!

9:40 Read Ann Landers online, oh that wacky Mitch, when will he learn? System HAS updated and I'm logging in. Taking forever and a day though. The air is crackling with electricity. N stuff.

2 more grades are in today. An A+ in social Psychology and an A in European Masterpieces of Literature and Philosophy.

I'm a little perturbed by this because an A+ in social psychology shouldn't have been possible. I barely got an A on the first test and I KNOW I didn't do well on the second, which means that my grade was probably bumped up due to class participation. That amounts to special treatment just because I said a lot during class, which I don't think is very fair. While it's true that I did basically break the seal of silence over the class and allow for a greater level of discourse, I don't feel that I deserved special treatment after bombing a test. I had written that damned class off and was hoping for an A- or a B+, an A+ is just not fair. My only hope is that it was entered wrong and the A+ is for Sociology (which I could have earned a Legit A+ in) and my social psychology grade is still outstanding. The fact that my other psych grade is completed but not yet entered gives me hope for that. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion to 2001: An Odd Gradesy.
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It's not just a daydream if you decide to make it your life

Today might turn out to be a decent day. First of all I had it explained to me that the sociology/social psychology thing is PROBABLY not a mix-up because grades are entered by call number not title, so I should end the semester with a much higher GPA than I was expecting. That is a good thing.

Also I bumped into Erin on the subway platform today, and though I walked past her without saying a word at first I decided to engage my resolution of not taking things so damned seriously, and went up to her. We talked on the train until she had to get off and it went fairly well I guess, although she told me she was taking ANOTHER trip soon and that I should email her when she got back and we should go out for coffee some time. Fool me once shame on me etc... It's wierd because we seem to get along well, but I'm not going to sweat it. I'll send her a futile email in a couple of weeks and them forget about it again. But anyway I'm glad that I went ahead and spoke to her because at least it eliminates certain feelings of inadequacy and cowardice which would otherwise come into play. Even if nothing will probably come of it externally, the internal rewards are meaningful. Go me.

Also I got even with Jeff for his fake gift by spraying him with enough cologne to keep him stinking of it for the rest of the day. My only regret there is that I told his wife it was me so he won't have to explain the perfume when he gets home. But still it was a fitting revenge.

Yep, good grades, exorcized demons, veangance upon Jeffery B from Avenue C. Not a bad day.
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