January 11th, 2002


I guess half a dozen cases doesn't last that long, come tomorrow morning it'll be all gone

I cleaned my room last night from around 9ish till 2:00 or so. Actually the thing that got me to REALLY get working was that after 1:00 on HBO Inside the NFL (great show) went off and was replaced with a craptacular softcore porno about a painter and his model girlfriend. The basic plot was that the painter had a huge artist's block and figured out that the only way he could make art was to have sex while drenched in paint. Frankly I vastly prefer the cheesy thriller softcore pornos because then you at least have the chance of a half decent gun fight, but alas it was not to be, so I sped up the cleaning. Not sure why I'm posting about it except that I actually enjoyed looking at my work when I was done. A complete junkheap turned into a decently clean room. It was concrete. I guess that I wish more things were like that...you do something for X amount of time and you see X result. Instead with school and grades and such it's like you're constantly working just to maintain a certain level and not slide back. It's not as if getting a 3.8 GPA on 40 credits matters, cause if you screw up the next 80 you're still fucked. I dunno...I wish there was more concrete progression in the world. I guess that is all.

And yeah I know even with a room you need to maintain the clean or it will slide back into filth...but it's my damned metaphor you chump!
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