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February 2002
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01:14 pm: My heart's done time - 32 comments
10:45 am: Scar tissue that I wish you saw. - 5 comments
02:28 pm: The chance you've got to take if your lonely heart breaks - 4 comments
11:38 pm: The perfect kind of day
10:06 am: Hey you never made it, now ain't that unusual
12:34 am: I leave the lights on, you know I pretend you're on your way
11:08 pm: You best stay away when the pushers come to shove - 2 comments
01:50 pm: And that's about the time she walked away from me, nobody likes you when you're 23 and are still more amused by TV shows. What the hell is wrong with me?
06:54 am: I want something more I want something more I want something more than this.
10:06 am: No I don't want to think about the bad times, anyone could have a bad year - 2 comments
01:55 am: Nobody's real but they're willing to let you go.
12:21 pm: What's the point in all this screaming? No one's listening anyway
11:55 pm: But that's totally feather plucking insane
11:55 pm: I almost fell into that hole in your life - 1 comment
09:18 am: It's good that I'm not angry anymore - 3 comments
11:59 pm: He means nothing to you and you don't know why - 4 comments
12:43 pm: Everything you need
11:56 pm: I'll be fine, you're not even on my mind, believe me I'll be fine
11:49 am: And if you want these kind of dreams it's californication - 6 comments
08:34 am: I sit alone in the sun I wrote a letter to you getting over myself
12:45 pm: No Justice in JUSTICE
07:48 pm: Mistakes of cowardice
11:43 pm: She left you out there crying in your heart shaped world.
10:22 am: I'm not waiting for you anymore, I don't care what might have been. I'm not waiting for you anymore, I give up so I pretend. But in my heart in my heart I know that though I go I love you still - 8 comments
01:07 am: I'll find someone new without you, somebody just like you but not you. I'll be alright. Said I'll be alright. But I'm breaking apart inside
09:08 am: Come sit next to me pour yourself some tea - 3 comments
02:29 pm: Live your life restricted - 2 comments
10:24 am: So scream you
06:43 pm: All night long
11:11 am: Don't let me second guess what I know to be real
08:43 pm: The world is collapsing around our ears - 4 comments
01:25 pm: Old School Soldiers
08:05 pm: The World is Gonna Roll me
10:22 pm: I'm way out of touch - 12 comments
09:23 am: You ain't special so who you foolin? Don't try to give me a line. But I can't stop thinkin' bout seein' ya one more time. But I already left you and you're better off left behind
02:31 pm: Burning up inside, no-one seems to tell.
05:52 pm: So scared that I'll never get put back together - 5 comments
11:52 pm: You still want love, love's ugly smooth and delicate. But not without affection. No not alone
11:34 pm: This could be that freefall back to me
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