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March 2002
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04:49 pm: Look to the stars for answers - 2 comments
12:16 am: Oh my peer, your veneer, is wearing thin and cracking - 4 comments
01:54 pm: Two hearts just to hold your love (charlie sheen)
11:51 pm: You thought your life would just go by without a pause to wonder, don't be silly. - 2 comments
08:43 am: All we are is what we're told
09:06 am: Here's a poll for everyone
12:46 pm: This embarassment will be behind me
07:55 am: The whole god damned day
05:14 pm: It's heaven or it's hell
11:05 pm: All of last years blooms have gone and died, time doesn't give a reason
09:16 am: Think of Germany and the guy who sold me cigarettes who'd been in the afghan secret police who made the observation that it's hard to live
09:32 am: Sucking on my good side - 2 comments
09:39 pm: Like they were never here - 2 comments
09:17 am: When I grow up I'll be stable
04:03 pm: Trying to find my way the best that I know how - 6 comments
08:11 pm: Better off dumb
09:33 pm: What is this that I can't see with ice cold hands taking hold of me.
08:55 am: I believed you - 7 comments
05:34 pm: Own you like a hungry tick
10:17 pm: You don't understand what I'm attempting to explain
12:58 pm: I never put you down, I never pushed you away, you're not supposed to be that way. - 2 comments
06:20 pm: You'll never see it happen
11:22 pm: The only thing I know
12:08 pm: I know you try. And I try too. Sometimes all our dreams just don't come true - 5 comments
11:57 pm: Why do things have to change
01:13 am: Could you sympathise with my needs, I know you think I need alot - 3 comments
12:38 pm: What's the frequency Kenneth
05:26 pm: Random room cleaning find - 1 comment
10:37 pm: Shots in the dark from empty guns - 1 comment
11:46 am: Sassy Chasis
12:20 am: Let it rain rain rain and bring my happy back again - 9 comments
12:59 am: Why don't you slide?
11:13 am: If you told me to follow you know I'd fly for you
07:02 pm: I've been thinking what I should say - 18 comments
09:15 am: Nothing to say now, nowhere to hide. - 7 comments
08:15 pm: She said no Jack don't you go back, No Jack don't you go back. So we hit the floor slicked up to the
01:40 pm: I'm not the king of comedy.
02:20 pm: Semi-Charmed kinda life
05:42 pm: Going, almost gone.
08:08 am: How does a duck know what direction south is?
10:15 am: To him it was a joy, till he ran out to warm air. Falala his friends would come to see. Would they - 10 comments
04:29 pm: Measured with coffee spoons
05:59 pm: Unpredictable, it's my mistake to stay here - 2 comments
11:45 pm: Been starved for attention before - 2 comments
02:22 pm: ...and I feel fine
07:42 pm: I'm just a guy, I know my place but still I'll try
01:03 am: I been bumming around this old town for way too long.
11:02 pm: Trying to find my place up on the map - 2 comments
10:21 am: All I want is something good, it gets harder every time. - 1 comment
02:30 pm: Chock full of diamonds. - 1 comment
10:39 pm: Hey, like a chump - 3 comments
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