March 23rd, 2002


Let it rain rain rain and bring my happy back again


Give a man a blowjob and he'll be happy for a day.
But teach a man to blow himself...and he'll never be on time for work again

Nobody EVER thinks about the ninth and tenth amendments anymore. EVER.

Even an unpleasant experience is worth going through if it is unique. Whatever doesn't kill us makes us wiser. Out of pain can grow perspective

A breast in the hand is worth two fingers in the bush

Wholesome freshfaced beauty beats slutty sexyness hands down in terms of long term appeal. Revealing outfits don't allow you to drink in the sight and find new interesting portions the more you look. It's like a crass vulgar limerick versus a shakespearian sonnet.

I am doing pretty well holding my own in the debate community. Good for me. Now maybe I should turn my attention to my homework which, you know, actually matters and stuff.