March 26th, 2002


I'm not the king of comedy.

Ugh. So I went to sleep last night at 8:15 PM and woke up this morning at 6:30 AM with that kind of stuffy headed headache you get when you actually get too much sleep instead of too little. I spent most of the morning pretending to study for my Lit-Hum test although I was too stuffy to do so and then I went and took it. I was feeling stuffy headed during the test and even felt so lightheaded that I had to go get some water, but I think I did pretty well. The only thing is I fucked up one of the Identifications because I wasn't thinking straight when I did it and I saw muses and assumed Roman Poet when in fact the quote was from Boccacio who was an Italian poet in the 13th century. Damn Boccacio for writing about Muses. I woulda caught it if my head had been clear though (and if there hadn't been 2 quotes from Boccacio in the IDs. I IDed the other Boccacio quote so I thought I was in the clear with him and that there would be 2 Ovids.). That's probably 6 points off right there but otherwise I think I did pretty well so I should be getting in the low 90s. I predict a 92. Anyway at least I can still get an A in the class with the acing of the final and one more strong paper (I'll ace class participation and my first paper was an A- so If I get an A on one paper and nail the final I'll be getting an A in the class. The third paper grade is discarded so I just have to score over a C on it.) The Zone Diet kicked into high gear around halfway through the test and I started to get energized. Right now my head is clear and I'm alert and feeling pretty good. Chuck said that the Zone would not only help me lose weight but also give me energy and I guess he was right. Well we'll see about the weight part but I definitly do feel a nice rush of energy. That's good because today is my long day and I'm going to have to teach. I'll bring a Zone Perfect bar with me as a snack before I teach rather than candy or chips or what have you.

Later today I will regale you all with a long and probably boring treatise on the focus on individual satisfaction which is causing us problems. You won't care. Life will go on.

Can't believe I messed up that definition though. That'll eat at me for awhile. And I'm gonna have to do the psych Extra Credit. Damn I shouldn't have taken 19 credits. It's too much for me to get by with over a 3.5 without spending much time on school stuff. That's not a good thing.
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Semi-Charmed kinda life

Wow. For the first time in I don't know how long everything just snapped back into focus. I was listening to "Semi-Charmed Kinda life" and suddenly it was like time slowed down. I could hear every lyric perfectly and make out the pauses and annunciations between them. When I was younger I used to be able to understand lyrics that other people couldn't because I could carefully seperate and parse them in my brain even though they were flying by. It was like I was just moving one speed faster than most of those around me. Recently that has vanished and although my processing is still strong that sort of time-slowing ability has been gone. Right now it feels like it is back. I don't know if it's the zone or just an illusion or just a moment of clarity but it feels great. Hell if I can maintain this level of focus and concentration for extended It would really improve my cognitive abilities, perhaps boost them back to where they used to be. That would rock. Of course it's PROBABLY just a matter of perception and not even related to reality but at least I can feel it right now one more time. That's meaningful to me and gives hope that it might return in the future.


Okay I sound crazy I know, but I don't care.
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Going, almost gone.

I only have like 3 seconds between classes. I just wanted to remark that I have a lot of energy still although things have sped up somewhat from the initial event. I also got a 33.5/35 on my Japanese history test which is good. It means I am easily on track for an A in that class which is nice for my GPA. I'm a little upset that I got 1 point off for overuse of quotes since I only used the quotes cause most profs like them but oh well. I'm starting to worry about the lit hum test. I NEED to get in the 90s or I need to get an A on my next two papers in order to have a guaranteed A in that class. Otherwise I'm in danger of an A-, and considering the fact that it's a 4 point class and my GPA is already going to take a hit from Psych I want that A!

God I sound so grade obsessed and I'm really not (Not a word Dr. X. Not a frigging word!) but I want to convince myself that 6 classes wasn't a mistake and I can handle it I'm okay I'm fine I'm okay yada yada. Whatever, it's not that important in the grand scheme. I gotta go teach now so I guess I'll save my rant on individualism for a little later. I know that all none of you are really looking forward to it and I hate to disapoint. Actually I don't mind disapointing, it's the bricks through the window I get in response that irritate me
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