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April 2002
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01:11 am: You've done no wrong. You've done no wrong. Get out of my sight - 16 comments
05:57 pm: Can't start a fire worrying about your little world falling apart. This gun's for hire even if we're
12:24 am: Every heart that beats's pretend. - 1 comment
09:11 am: Like a fool boy - 6 comments
11:13 pm: Gentlemen mark your opponents, fire into your own ranks
07:55 am: I want the stars to know they've won, if only to beguile. The sky has opened up again and heaven rec - 5 comments
12:38 am: I won't come down - 5 comments
01:13 am: Is it good for you?
11:25 pm: 3 2 1 Impact
03:04 am: I wish I was a girl so that you would believe me. - 22 comments
01:36 am: I write everything down except what's on my mind - 7 comments
12:05 am: Justify ripping someone's head off
12:10 am: Find yourself a mastermind in time
12:28 am: Judge not lest ye be judged. What a beautiful refrain. - 4 comments
02:16 pm: We call them weak who are unable to resist, the slightest chance that might exist. And for that fors
01:53 pm: Born down in a dead man's town. - 4 comments
12:26 am: All things considered what he's telling us isn't hurting anyone - 3 comments
11:55 pm: And thou shalt get it out with the motherfucking microphone, rockin in thy soul. Thou art a renegade riot getting out of control - 4 comments
12:12 am: They will destroy themselves if we allow them to - 4 comments
11:08 pm: I know I can't keep it all together - 2 comments
07:02 pm: As time progressed I've reassesed. I know that now, I know it best. It isn't all or nothing somewhere I know in the middle
11:51 pm: I've been thinking of what I should say
11:44 pm: Didn't make sense not to live for fun your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb
12:05 am: This will all fall down like everything else that was
02:26 pm: Make sure your calling's true. - 2 comments
12:39 am: I sure don't mind the change cause I fell on black days - 2 comments
08:41 pm: The sun may rise in the east at least its settled in a final location.
08:34 pm: Don't blame me it's all due to Laraby's gang now now
12:32 am: Tearing down what we've built up so well - 4 comments
10:55 pm: Random thoughts - 9 comments
08:47 pm: I see you've got that lump in your throat. I hear you mumbling that's all she wrote
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