April 2nd, 2002


You've done no wrong. You've done no wrong. Get out of my sight

Okay so today Jeff got into the game of criticizing me for my views about women (That little punk offered more convincing criticism than most others but did not manage to convince me) Given that it seems that pretty much nobody sympathises with my point of view, I figured that I might as well explain it.

Throughout my life pretty much all the females I've known/interacted with have treated me rotten. From grade school when the girls had cooties and acted all tall and aloof, through my tweens when female teachers and my mothers uberfeminist friends tried to repress my masculinity, through my father's death when not only did my mother treat me like complete shit but she brought in a variety of irritating friends of hers to do the same, and beyond that to this very day I have never had a real female friend or confidant but a plethora of nemesi belonging to the "fairer" sex.

I could go through a ton of examples like when we were in Greece after my father had passed away and my Mother's friend Audrey's adopted daughter kept harassing me and all I wanted was to be alone but Audrey kept interceding and demanding that I entertain her daughter because she was dyslexic and apparently that was a greater burden than having just had your father commit suicide. Or Morika who used to kick boys in the shins and then run to the teachers if the boys pushed her back.

Girls and women play by unfair rules, demanding both equality and special treatment, respect and protection. They commit acts of hostility and then utilize their prefered status among various authorities to either escape consequences or to get revenge for your acts of self defense.

Women in positions of power can be even worse because they attempt to destroy the masculine. Not only do they want to take the agression out of boys and men, turning them into pussified wussbags, but they seek to devalue the successes of men in order to promote female role models.

At least when I'm fighting with men I have a definite target and have fairly equitable rules of engagement. I know where I stand. There are plenty of stupid and nasty men out there but that's okay because there's no rule that says you can't hit them back or fight with them directly. You can also relax around guys and actually be a testasterony agressive male. No masks of civility to avoid female censure.

Things get even worse when you bring sex into the picture. Female sexuality is often used as a weapon to tame or manipulate men. I have known a large number of men who have been twisted around some chick's little finger because of the size of her chest or just desperation to get with SOMEBODY. I have seen guys do sycophantic PATHETIC stuff in the pursuit of women and it's sickening. Just because you CAN get cash or jewelry by playing guys against eachother doesn't mean it's not morally reprehensible for you to do so. Just because your Nerdy boyfriend will forgive you your sexual trespasses because he's afraid he can't do better doesn't mean that they SHOULD be forgiven.

There's also the matter of positive influences in my life. Almost exclusively male. Who taught me morality and sculpted the person I am? My father. Who helped me climb out of my pit of despair? Jeff. What professors have taken an interest in me and nurtured me as a student? All men. What high school teachers helped me hang in there despite my intense desire to drop it out? Men like Dr. Herbert, Mr. Zeigers, Mr. Boyle etc. Who were the pernicious influences? Ms. McNally, Ms D'Amico, Ms Eichler. When women stay with my mother they pry into my life and make me uncomfortable in my own house. Men mostly keep to themselves and just give a nod or grunt or "How 'bout them mets?" Now you could argue this is just a reaction to how I treat them and not a reflection of the actual balance of kindness etc in the world, except that I have encountered a fair number of reasonable and likeable females in all walks of life. Ms. Mayadas and Ms. Gannon were fine teachers in my high school. I've had plenty of competant and perfectly respectable female TAs and professors. I don't carry prejudices towards individual people and I am perfeclty civil and respectful towards anyone who earns my respect regardless of gender. The fact remains that none of them has shown any interest in me outside of class though. All the ones who've gone the extra mile have been men.

Maybe certain types of men have had very different experiences with women and have come to different conclusions. That's logical and acceptable enough but I don't see why I should alter my attitudes and opinions based on other people's experiences. I choose to avoid women because in my experience it's the safest and most expedient course of action. Sure it deprives me of certain things, but we all make choices like that. I've also chosen recently to forgo and avoid cake. Nobody seems to be critiquing that. It's a personal decision.

I have proven to my own satisfaction that I am not unwilling or unable to interact with females if such interaction is appropriate or initiated by them. I still maintain that I am operating within the boundaries of reason to minimize those interactions and not to initiate any myself. In my life women have done nothing but take. I've heard plenty of female sob stories and done plenty of favors for the longhairs and I've recieved nothing in return.

So I ask you one final time, what would be more irrational? To ignore my experiences and continue to engage a group of people who have given me very little while seeking to take all they could or to protect myself from injury by minimizing contact whenever possible. This stance is neither bigoted nor motivated by any sort of deep emotional fear of intimacy or rejection. It's just plain rational.

Any rebuttals?
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