May 2nd, 2002


And if that isn't odd enough we've taken too much crap.

It's an interesting feeling when you're working intensly with someone on a project and then it...ends. My Stat project has been completed, bound in a nice blue binder, and handed in and my statistics class is over. I spent the last few weeks working hard alongside Diana and now we'll probably never speak to one another again. It's just a little strange feeling. I mean we spent a lot of this week working together and at times just hanging out, like today when we got together for homework, she finished, and then came back to hang out until class (unfortunatly she found me talking animatedly about the anthropology of Long Island homosexuals, but that's enother story) and developed something of a rapport. Poof now, it's gone. Funny how that stuff happens. I don't know, I guess this is the sort of situation where other people pick up friends, but that ain't me. I've only made one "friend" in school who I've socialized with at all and I haven't even spoken to him in a couple weeks, we didn't talk much at all this term. Whatever...I'm fine at being alone, probably have mild autism or some form of personality disorder, but that's okay.

That was my non-deep thought for the day. I don't know, I'm just sort of burnt out. I've been working really hard and I'm already in vacation mode and nothing is really clicking. I have an absolute TON of work to do and NO desire to do it. I'll try my best to perservere though. 2 weeks of torture is worth it for good grades.

got a B- on my Crime and Punishment paper. I knew it stunk though. I just hope that my Justice paper does better. I felt better about it, but it is a tougher class and was a tougher paper. Oh well, nothing that can be done about it now.

I probably fucked over my grades in Japanese history and stats today. I had my stat homework out in Japanese history and even though I didn't do it the TA saw it. 33% of my grade is subjective and depends on his impression of me. Doing other work in his class does not make a good impression. In Stats I was tired from lack of sleep and from getting like no protein in the unhealthy lunch I ate (Didn't have time to go home and fix anything because I was meeting Diana) and I made STUPId comments. Got nothing right. God I feel like a complete idiot these days. I need a brain transplant or at least to get some rest. Been up past one the last two nights.

Speaking of which.

I'll probably write about my workload more tomorrow if I can find the time. For now...blessed sleep.
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