May 15th, 2002


There's an answer I don't know it.

Today was pretty crappy. I ate badly because I was exhausted and stressed out. Not HORRIBLY but too much whole wheat bread. I was so tired by the time that 7:00 rolled around that I had to down 5 cans of coke just to make it through the test. I did pretty well on it but I don't think I perfected it. One question was framed really badly and I think I got it wrong. It was only worth 5 points but that puts me out of range for an A+ which sucks mightily. I'll probably still get an A in the class though so I guess that'll have to be good enough. I might have gotten the problem right but I was exhausted and all that coke made my bladder cause me lots of problems. I kept holding it in because leaving a test a lot can be suspicious behavior but eventually I had to visit the boy's room twice and both times I had to spend a good couple minutes in front of the urinal because I had that much liquid in me. Yeah I know you ALL wanted to hear about that. That's the danger of reading this journal.

Anyway I'm glad the test is done even if it was done badly. First of all the professor was in the wrong room and only changed to the right one after I told him what was going on. Second of all the test started late and ended late. I stayed till 10:30 even though it was supposed to end at 10:00 struggling with that ONE problem. Diana left at 10:20 or so I think. So she was struggling with the test too. I got my book back from Adam (who left early but I dind't see him go) during the test which made me worry we might be suspected of cheating (the old hand the book off in the middle of the test) but nobody noticed or if they did I guess they understood that it was just a property transfer and not a tarty activity.

Apparently stat grades will come in tomorrow. That will be nice. At least get ONE grade over and done with.

I should go to sleep now. I have a 10 pager due in 36 hours that I haven't even started on. Thank god it's not research. 36 hours and another semester is in the books. I think I did okay this finals season. That makes me happy. I can definitly expect a 3.3 or higher I think. that'll mean deans list again. I don't really care, but since I was so grade oriented this semester it'll be nice to be rewarded.

Have to do that Jap paper though.Caffeine is something that I don't want to use a lot of on the zone but tonight it was my friend and it will probably be my best buddy tomorrow too. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Oh and I managed to tape 24. Can't wait to watch it thursday afternoon. FREEDOM is so close I can nearly taste it. Booya.
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