May 18th, 2002


Silence isn't golden when I'm holding it inside.

Yesterday was pretty blah. I spent most of the day just sort of lying around trying to recover from the very stressful last couple of weeks. I sat around, watched some anime, played some video games, and mostly just chilled. Around 4 something I went out and got my JUSTICE final from the box outside professor Johnston's office. It was a 98.5 (I told you I was confident in it) and gives me a definite A in that class with a possible A+ if my comments were good enough to get me a little bump up.

Today I'm going to the country with my mom, ugh, and I'll probably see William for the first time in a couple years. He's a guy I knew back in elementary school. I just hope that he hasn't completely jocked out on me (last time I saw him he was well on the way) because I'm so not in the mood to hang out with a jock. I'm also going to see if the cat is MAYBE alive somewhere in the house and if I can lure her out. I can't say I've been terrible distraught about not having the fluff ball around this week but it would be kind of nice to see her again. Not much else going on right now. Waiting for grades and trying to recover in time for school on the monday after next. We'll see how that goes.


This is mostly for elenelle but I figured she'd find it amusing considering her glee at my previous exploits, but over in the chauvinistos community I fell hard for a troll. Click here to see me fall for it. I feel like I was set up by all those years of stupid women making inane and completely politically motivated untrue comments in my classes but whatever. Guess it doesn't really matter what I think the reasoning is. Oh, and the fact that a female troll is allowed to prowl through what is ostensibly supposed to be a male oriented community with impunity shows just how pussified even the most masculine of institutions have become. I'm not going to say anything, but I think that it speaks volumes for who'se winning the gender war when you look at how our camp is shot through with the enemy free to challange and fight us while theirs is virtually empty of opposition. Maybe I'd start a community with a bit of a harder edge but I doubt I could get anyone to join. Most straight men are no longer satisfied in male only social situations. More's the pity.
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