May 31st, 2002


Send it in a letter, make yourself feel better.

This week has been a whirlwind. Classes have been going okay. Spanish seems cool, the professor is pretty laid back and my fellow students are older and thus more my speed. One of them is even from my Spanish class over last summer, although we don't much like eachother. The only bad moment really came when we had a mini-oral presentation and I had pangs of remembrance and regret. We're going to do another big one this semester and that sort of fills me with dread. I can handle it though, it's just a slight tweaking pain, not an overwhelming rush like it used to be.

Developmental Psych seems pretty cruddy. None of the students talk to eachother and the only guy I've conversed even briefly with was this senior from Penn who seems like exactly the sort of guy I would not get along with, complete with bragging to a girl about how he fucked up an economics course due to his carefree attitude. But that's alright. The professor is a bit off and she insists on turning it into a women's health class which is annoying, but I feel like I can grasp the material and I hope to do decently well. Plus it's already 1/6th over, so that's good. By the end of next week half the actual learning will have been finished which A lot to take in but I will study hard over the weekend and try to catch up if neccesary.

Finally I went to the interview and I got the job. It's a volunteer position but Delores is trying to get me some money. I feel sort of bad about using contacts to that degree but frankly after seeing just how rife the academic world is with nepotism I figure that at least I'll work my butt off to earn that money if I get any. If I don't I'll work hard anyway but I won't feel as obligated. The lab was nice, the people were really nice, and it figures to be a good experience...not to mention being essential for a grad school application. At least it will be something new...and that's good. I just hope I can still do well in class despite working.

It looks to be an interesting summer.
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