June 15th, 2002


Echo, nobody hears it goes it goes it goes. Echo. Nobody hears it goes it goes it goes like this. We're faithful

Another week and I have had pretty much no time to write. It's a disturbing trend but one that I can't do anything about. Anyway, things are going alright I guess, just at such a breakneck pace that I haven't had time to digest them. I took my developmental psych mid-term and scored a lousy 88 because I fucked up a couple questions I should have been able to answer in my sleep (No I won't say what they are but suffice it to say that if I had taken the test without taking the class I should've got them right) because I was actually SLEEPING during the test. If I do okay on the paper this won't screw my grade up too badly, but I can always drop the class if it looks like I'm doing really poorly. Still if I end up with an A or an A- I'll be okay with it.

Work is going pretty well I think. Friday was my first REAL day and it was a lot of fun and I managed to do quite a lot. We're going to be starting experiments soon so that ought to be exciting. I have to say that working an 8 hour day is MUCH easier than going to school, hands down. So I feel much more confident about entering the workforce after school now that I know that just doing 8 hours is not that killer.

The only thing I don't like about work is my coworkers my age. The scientists are all cool, they're 40's (my boss) through 70's (the big boss) and all interesting and professional. The grad students and interns are another story. They just don't seem interested in working. They sit around doing AOL IMer and slacking off. I never do any of that shit. I've always got sound files to mark or an errand to run. It kind of irritates me because when they finish with something they load up their headphones or whatever while I go off and look for more work, and yet nobody ever says anything. I don't know, maybe I'll get more recognition in my recomendation but I doubt it since they are full time and thus are more ubiquotous. Also they don't like me which doesn't make me feel any better.

Spanish is going okay I guess. Found out that Edward is gay. Doesn't matter but it was sort of funny how I found out. Also since boyfriend and girlfriend are quite similar in Spanish we all thought that it was a grammatical mistake so there was a bit of an awkward moment when we realized that no, he wasn't just fucking up his vocab, he was fucking another man.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Not much else to report. I mean there's small stuff but I don't have the time or desire to write out a detailed version of my week. I haven't been eating very well and that has to change. I had a physical and all my bloodwork etc came back perfect so it looks like I haven't fucked myself over by not getting regular doctor stuff done. Yep I'm as fit as a cello (I'm still too big to be a fiddle unfortunatly)

I guess life just sort of goes on. I'm a busy freaking bee and I have to adjust to that. There are still nagging issues, like the fact that outside of achievement shit like school, work, and weight I don't have any really fulfilling areas in my life and like the fact that my relationships with other people still exist only on the surface, but that kind of stuff doesn't get fixed overnight and patience is the key.

Or at least A key.

Maybe I'll post something later about a few specific semi-interestin incedents although I might also go to the country again. I do need to learn to drive but WHEN?

I like the fact that setting the bar high helps me rise to the occasion. I wonder where my limit is (although if I really fuck up developmental that might say something about my limitations, although that could be fixed with a bit more sleep) Still it's interesting to have like a real FULL schedule of a life.

Well at least full in terms of the professional arena. Personal life is another story entirely. But one step at a time.

Oh and while administering insulin to Delores' cat I got scratched in the face so I have an ugly clotted red mark under my nose. Wouldn't mention it except it hurts so I'm a bit distracted.

Yeah I was looking after her cat while she was gone. It was...interesting

But that's a story for another time.
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