June 19th, 2002


Talkin Jive N poison Ivy but you ain't gonna cling to me. Mentaker Bonebaker I ain't so blind I can't see

Today was another decent one. Set up a bank account so I can have somewhere to cash my mad phat paychecks (and by mad phat I mean somewhere in the low one digits) had a pretty good time in Spanish class proclaiming that the best way for a man and a woman to have a healthy relationship is for them to live far apart, and then headed to work.

I finally got my ID which is a good thing, although it's a crappy picture because it's set up to be that way. The woman who took my picture was the pain in the ass who detained me on friday, so that was sort of satisfying but it was good that I was polite to her when she detained me because otherwise it might have been awkward.

After that I found out that my boss is going on vacation for the rest of the week and she's leaving me in charge of her office and animals. She gave me the key to her office and her keycard to the locked animal storage areas and asked me to move my computer work station into her office. I guess she respects the hard work I've been doing which is nice. Although it could just be that this is the process with any assistant or whatever. She also said "You're smart enough to do whatever you want in life" which is typical adult tripe but at least shows that she doesn't utterly despise me despite my joke a minute personality. We went over some data entry stuff and then went up to do some animal work, culling and weaning and whatnot. I got to wean by myself which was fun. Of course I got shat on by some high vocalization rats but that's to be expected. Next time I wear the fucking gloves. The rats are just SO freaking cute...you want to cuddle them and take them home. But there are a ton of them. Still if common street rats were this cute I can't imagine people would keep poisoning them.

Unfortunatly because I had so much work I didn't get to eat and I ended up doing McDonald's after work because I was Famished. God damn it I really need not to do that. Unfortunatly it's really difficult to be sensible when you're stressed and starving and have places to be. I did manage to work out tonight so hopefully things won't end up being TOO bad. Plus I'm skipping supper for the second night in a row.

Life continues to whip by at breakneck speeds. I have another Spanish test tomorrow which I need to prep for. I might end up with straight A-s this semester. NOt good. Not fucking good. I got a 95 on my Psych paper for style issues even though the paper itself was kickass and I've been getting a bunch of 89-93s on Spanish assignments. Need to pull shit up.

Not much else going on except some random philosophising which didn't really amount to a hill of beans.

I heard about this guy who just retired from work. His name was Carlos and he worked 32 years at the same job. When he retired they needed to hire three people to replace him because he was that good. Carlos was an immigrant who never learned to read or write in any language.

Stories like that make me scornfull of long term wellfare recipiants. If an illiterate immigrant can make something of himself then what excuse does some inner city kid who had an opportunity to attend school and who knows the culture have for not doing something for himself?

Immigrants still remember what it is to be a man. To understand that sometimes you've just got to accept responsibility and get shit done. A lot of men seem to have forgotten that their measure is not in how much other people think of them but rather whether they can look at themselves in the mirror daily and know that they are doing their best to fulfil their responsibilities. Masculinity is not found in the trappings of expensive clothing or popular culture knowledge, that's women's domain, and if men would start to realize this or even just SAY it a lot of social problems would just evaporate.

Carlos should not be the exception but the norm.

Oh and in LJ news I got into some argument in social debate that actually managed to irritate ME into shutting up because it basically felt like I had fallen into a femiviper pit. Everyone wanted to blather on and on about how hurt their feelings on and how I should do introspection blahblah FUCKING blah. You may find the discussion at

Although it's not worth reading. Still it's not every day that I'm worn down by stupidity. But I don't have the energy to deal with this nest of harpies.

Oh well. At least it's not THAT long until Football season starts.
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