June 22nd, 2002


Let me ramble let me rant I've got shit to get to but I can't

Yesterday was a long, long day. And I don't really mean that metaphorically. I mean it stretched from 5:30 AM to 3:15 AM the next day. Since I've been getting like 5-6 hours a night I don't exactly have a reserve of sleep built up that allows me to absorb that kind of stretch without feeling it the next day, especially since I'm hard wired not to sleep past 8:30.

Anyway the day started off crappy. I left for work late but I figured I'd make up the time by staying late, since my boss wasn't going to be there. Fat chance. After I entered my station they announced that the subway wasn't going to be running there so I had to head to the A line. That was $1.50 and about 10 minutes wasted. Then I had to walk about half a mile through a scuzzy dangerous neighborhood to get to my train. I saw a woman in a Bhurka on the way which was cool. It was like topaz and pink with polkadots. Not your average Burka.

I was about an hour late to work and felt like crap when I got in. Don't remember much of what I actually did except that I was sluggish and not really up for doing it. I did manage to complete the data entry and move the computers which was good. I also converted all the G-Mark files, marked two more of them, weaned 2 litters, and straightened up the office a bit. I cut back a good deal on my lunchtime, saving 15 minutes there, and I stayed 15 minutes late, so I did manage to make up a good solid half hour of the time I missed, but I still came up short.

I worked with the door open most of the time yesterday so I wasn't quite as comfortable. That was a good idea.

After work I came home and worked out. Of course I ate REALLY shittily all day yesterday but at least I did manage to get a DECENT workout in. At this point it was like 7:45 or so. I had had a full day. I still had over 7 hours to go. I spent the next 2 or so hours killing time waiting for my mom to get out of town to the country. She'll be gone for the summer a week from tomorrow and maybe I should have gone up to say goodbye but my cousin's going up and I don't want to see her. After my mom split I showered, changed my sweaty clothes, and Hee-Ann came over so we could head out for some grub and a movie. We ate at a decent little bistro on 104th street called the *gasp* 104th street cafe and I had the first pasta I've had in a long time. It was wonderful covered in garlic and fresh tomato. By the time we finished it was closing in on midnight. We walked all the way down to 84th before we found a movie playing at a reasonable time. It was the 12:10 showing of "The Bourne Identity" which in retrospect was both a good and bad thing. It was bad because the movie's 2:30 long and I was already exhausted but it was good because it was a reasonably simple plotted action/thriller that along with my vat of diet coke managed to keep me awake.

The movie was good actually. Full of "Grab you by the balls" action sequences and cool moments. Matt Damon actually did a fine job as the action star which surprised me, and Franke Portente (From Run Lola Run) made a very appealing love interest, much more interesting than if they had used some bland but stunning holywood starlet like Claire Forlani or someone. The action sequences were cool (On a side note Hee-Ann and I saw an Austen-Martin mini on our way to the theatre and he mentioned how they are great racing cars and can even go down stairs. In the movie there was an AM Mini that was involved in a car chase and, yes, went down some stairs. Freaky coincedence) and the villains appropriatly dangerous. The one thing the movie was lacking was a moment where things were REALLY out of control and the characters were in serious danger, but I guess that's okay. I mean they don't need to hit ALL the cliches.

Anyway I had what feels like 3 days packed into one and I'm still exhuasted. I might be getting sick too since I drank about 3 gallons of liquid yesterday and haven't urinated but a little. But we shall see.

Today I will take things relatively easy and TRY to get some work done. I have so much Spanish to catch up on.

Hee-Ann said he thought this semester caught me by surprise. I sort of agree. I needed more time to rest.
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I don't want to be a candidate for vietnam or watergate, cause all I want to do is bicycle bicycle bicycle

So today I went to look at bicycles. I need an exercise activity I can do during the summer and by myself and bicycling is pretty ideal. I grabbed Charlie (cause he used to manage a bike shop and actually knows stuff about them beyond those are pedals and those are the spinny whatchamahoosits...the...you know...with the moving...yeah...the WHEELS) and we went down to the bike shop on 96th.

We nosed around for awhile until a salesman finally came around to helping us. He was a hefty fellow and I was glad for that because I wanted someone who suggest a bike that could support my ample frame and still be comfortable. Anyway after his initial schtick (He even tried the old underestimate the customer's weight to ingriate yourself trick. Excuse me...do I look like a 14 year old girl? He also spit out technical jargon like he was an Ecuadorian Iguana, saying stuff that even had Charlie scratching his head. Thank god he wasn't working for a commision or he would have made my head explode) he gravitated right to this yellow mountain bike that was on sale and he pulled it out for me to try. It was a bit weird experiencing bike shocks for the first time, but otherwise it felt pretty good. So I decided to take it out for a test ride. On the way I noticed that the wheels were dirty which turned me off a bit since I like expensive purchases to be pristine, but I figured at least I wouldn't be fucking up a BRAND new bike if I wiped out. Charlie and I went down to the park where I got to ride a little.

And I fell in love. The thing handled like a dream, I could barely feel it beneath me and the braking action is so damned smooth that if you wiped a baby's ass against it you'd probably scratch it up (the braking action not the baby's ass)

There's an old cliche that you never forget how to ride a bike and that's certainly true, but beyond it this bike felt like it was made for me. And it looked like it was made for me too since yellow has always been my favorite vehicular color.

We went back to the shop and I decided to buy it on the spot since I knew that there was no way I would find one that I liked better (Even if there had been an equal to it out there I would have still gravitated back to the first one because of how much it impressed me intially). The Salesman started rattling off all the accessories I needed and Charlie confirmed that they were pretty much neccesities so I just bit the bullet and got it all, from odometer/speedometer computer to strap on tire pump. I made sure to get an extra dorky helmet so that any attractive aspect of the gorgeous machine would be nullified and the women would continue to stay away in droves, and I rode the thing home. I really really like this bike.

Unfortunatly I couldn't go out for a real ride because I am now officially sick. My nose has been running like it was in a marathon and my voice has started to go. I treated myself to an unhealthy dinner (since I didn't eat lunch or a snack or anything) and I could barely taste it. I just hope that I can get my Spanish done tomorrow.

Quite frustrating though. I find my soulmate in bicycle form (Best way to find it, a bike can't refuse to let you to ride on account of a handlebar ache) and I can't ride it because I'm sicker than Dee Snider's underwear collection.

Soon though. Soon I will get out on the road and make my ass feel like it just went through a WWE affiliated fraternity initiation.
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