June 23rd, 2002


Strange Mood what is the cure?

I was doing some cleaning, sorting through some old stuff, and I found a copy of Orson Scott Card's "Enchantment."

That is the single most romantic book ever written. It melted MY ice cold heart on more than one occasion. There are cheezy moments, like his discription of a Bruce Cockburn album (although it did inspire me to buy the album which is actually a damned fine piece of music considering that it was written by Canadians) and most of the Baba Yaga segments, but damn. The overall effect is simply incredible.

Of course the fact that the book is a fantasy novel speaks a lot about the realism of that sort of romance actually occuring in the real world...but still it is one of the few non-classic books to have left a real mark upon my psyche (Obviously shit like Dante's Inferno or Plato's Republic leave their own impacts, but those are much more widely acknowledged to be really special books so the impact is, ironically, made less special) and I like to skim through it now and again so that I may rue the fact that I've already read it and so will never be able to experience the joy and wonder of going through it for the first time ever again.

Of course it also strikes me as funny that I'm an angry bitter atheist Jew who had his heart stolen by a novel written by an observant mormon. (Of course the male protaganist of the book is Jewish, so that might help bridge the gap.)
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