June 29th, 2002


You keep talking, where's it going, there's an answer I don't know it. Please you're killing me.




That's the sound of me metaphorically bumping my head on various hard jagged obstacles as I try to rush through all the things I have to do these days. Even the weekends hold no respite because of the glorious concoction known as homework (everybody loves homework! Let's have some more!) and stupid class assignments.

The thing about filling up your time with work is not that it is too tough to get everything you have planned done, it's that when you get unexpected complications something has to give. I got sick...now I have to recover not only from illness but from the missed time.

I also need to get back on diet.

I don't really have that much to say about the past couple days. Friday I was so tired at work that I fell asleep several times doing data analysis. I don't think my boss noticed cause I woke up pretty quickly.

I broke my CD player.

My Spanish skit takes place in Las Vegas. It has Elvis songs in spanish and I get to shove Edward against the wall threateningly.

Can't think of much else.
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    Chris Isaak - Speak of the Devil

Monday was the day we met. Tuesday I was flying. Wednesday she was far away. Friday caught me crying

I love my bike. Even though I went 10 miles in the park this morning, around 8:30 I got a jonesin' for more so I did another 5 miles. It's only 15 total which isn't much except that I'm still somewhat sick so my stamina is not what it should be. Still...it was great. When I'm on my bike I can focus on my legs and my breathing and steering and watching the spedometer and not on all the stressors in my life or all the stuff I need to get done. It's the only way I've found to really get into the MOMENT and enjoy it to its fullest. Plus the bike is very responsive and is just a joy to ride. There's a sense of power that comes from being on a fast moving vehicle that you are in COMPLETE control of. The responsiveness is excellent.

I really love my bike.

P.S. Tonight a little kid ran into me while I was on my bike. Yes...HE ran in to me. See there was this birthday party and I had to ride through the departing crowd and I saw the kid walking right in my path. So I slammed on the breaks and stopped, waiting for him to step around me. Instead he walked right INTO the wheel of the bike. He looked up at me from all 2'3" of him and blinked twice like "How did you get there" even though he had been looking right at me while I was stopping. Then he stepped around and wandered off uninjured. I shudder to think what would have happened had I not stopped. I mean it might have been a lot worse than a gentle bumping into the wheel. My primary goal on the bike is not to hit and injure little children. Or men (who gives a damn about the women?). Maybe I should get a horn. Except I'm not 11 years old. I shoulda yelled at him (to get out of the way) but I didn't want to shout at some kid in the middle of a party. Next time I will yell...not because I want to scare the kids but because I don't want them getting hurt even just bumping into them.

Oh well...no harm no foul.
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