July 6th, 2002


Someday yet he'll begin his life again.

The fourth of july was pretty ho-hum for me. I watched some DVDs in the morning, then hung out with Hee-Ann in the afternoon waiting for Emeka to join us...but he never did.

Friday was perhaps even worse. I went in to work but I felt so shitty I could only stay for three hours. That was okay, since my boss only stayed for one, but I wanted to get some work done and I'm going to have to leave it until monday. Plus I discovered errors in some of my data from earlier and I had to correct all of that.

After work I basically went home and collapsed. Played morrowind for a few hours and it was pretty fun but around 9 o'clock I just downed some Nyquil and went to bed. That's pretty damned early for me. When I woke up this morning my nose was running like the colorado river, and I almost just gave up and crawled back under the covers. That's not my way though, so instead I got my runny nosed ass out of bed, ate a shitty breakfast, and did 15 miles in the park on my bike. I wasn't exactly flying, but it felt really good to go out there and put the work in. Truth is I haven't been doing well on diet recently so I really need to make sure I maintain exercise levels so I don't gain back weight. Maybe I'll do another fiver tonight if I get back some of my leg strength since I was really pushing it up some of those hills, chugging along at about 15 M.P.H in the hardest gear just to get over the peak.

I just need to reinvent my life in one way or another. I'm in a rut this summer and I don't like it. I'm working on pretty much everything I need to work on but not making great progress anywhere...it's frustrating. I need to keep moving because things aren't nearly good enough for me to stay stuck in neutral. But I'm not sure what I can do to up the ante...I've already made significant inroads into leisure time and am working hard at everything except school. Maybe if I focus more on the scholarly end of things I'll feel better...I don't know. What I do know is that I've got another summer semester coming up and I HAVE to pace myself because if I burn out in it I only have two weeks to recover before the fall semester starts.

Life is a marathon...not a sprint.
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