July 9th, 2002


No retreat baby, no surrender.

What the hell have I done? Yesterday I got a taste of what I've signed up for these next 6 weeks. 3 days that are only 8 hours long (in terms of work) and 3 that are more like 12.

12 hour work/school days are not a good idea. They are a bad idea. What the HELL is wrong with me? I have NO idea whether I can keep this schedule for any appreciable amount of time. Especially if I want to continue bike riding in which case, well, I am left with approximatly ZERO time for myself. This does not make me very happy.

What the FUCK was I thinking? I have no clue. I'd complain more but I have to be at work pretty soon. Then to class. Then finish reading (since I HAVE to do all the reading for my poli-sci class since it looks like it's going to kick my ass).

This isn't a recipe for disaster. This is a PRE-BAKED disaster pie.

Stupid is as stupid does. I guess that means that I should do like Jay said and join the "special" classes at Columbia.
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