July 14th, 2002


And I wonder how I never got the burn and if I'm ever gonna learn how lonely people make their life

So yesterday was a pretty decent day. Aaron dropped by and we went to see minority report. It was a lovely day so we decided to walk down to the theatre, and when we got there Aaron declared it quite skuzzy so we decided to walk down even further to the other, nicer, theatre playing the movie.

We stopped on the way at Big Nick's and got some burgers. Mine was okay, although guacamole on a burger is a little strange. We talked about our old high school days a lot and discussed our mutual friends and aquaintances. It was honestly only one or two steps above gossip, although it wasn't mean spirited at all. After Big Nick's we went down to find the movie but we couldn't find the theatre. It turned out that I'd misremembered the location by two streets, and there was construction going on on that street so the marquee was covered by a construction thingamabobber and we couldn't see it from where we were looking. Aaron did get a voucher for a free showing of Blue Crush though (I couldn't go cause I have class) which was good because it's one of the least appealing movies out there (Yes it has hot women in wetsuits...but besides looking at them you actually have to listen to them TALK. Blech.)

We thought about seeing another movie (there was an Israeli film playing that looked good, and we figured since we were the Jew Crew assembled it might be a good flick to catch) but then decided that we should search for the vanished theatre to make sure that Aliens hadn't taken it or whatever. We eventually found it and decided to go hang out in central park for awhile and decide which movie to see. In the park we had an interesting discussion about a bunch of stuff and I think got to know eachother a little better as post-high school people. He's an interesting guy once you get him out of his shell a little (My GOD that sounds incredibly gay. We DID talk about football though...and not about the players asses you sick limey bastards.) It was good, I haven't had a serious discussion with anyone for quite some time so I'm glad I got the opportunity.

We ended up seeing Minority report and it was spectacular. I have no idea why the reviews were mixed, the film was excellent and managed to stay thrilling for all 2:30 of it. I'm not sure what to say except that seeing it on the big screen is definitly a good idea. We also saw some other Hunter guy in the theatre, from a grade below ours. That was kind of funny.

After the movie we went back to the park to hang out and ponder seeing the last showing of the Israeli film, but Aaron didn't want to so we just hung out and discussed M.R. Then we got a slice of pizza, Aaron left his Blue Crush voucher in the parlor, and headed back down to the subway station talking about some pretty serious topics. I was incredibly exhausted at that time so I went home and I assume Aaron did the same. Overall the day lasted from 2pm to 12:00 AM and was something that I needed. After all the stress I've been through it was nice to just stand around with a high school friend watching amateur softball in the park, with a coach who was deeply in love with the Bunt for a Base Hit strategy.

I have homework and such to do now but at least I'm relaxed. So all in all a good day and something that I definitly needed. It's almost enough to make one not be such a profound hermit. Almost.
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