August 7th, 2002


Ain't got nothing to say

I am currently finishing my terrible paper for Spanish class. It actually came out not only incoherent but RACIST. I'm definitly going to talk to the professor about this one before I hand it in, because a lot of the stuff I said was really insensative and didn't come out right due to the language issue.

In other news I got my take home test for WW II class which means for a whole week we'll be doing nothing that'll be graded. I have until monday to write it so I should be okay.

I blame rmrn (that's Robyn) for the state of my paper...completely and fully.

That is all for now. Possible longer post later.

P.S. My Boss's older daughter was in at work again today. This time she wore pants that actually stayed up, to my infinate relief (although her top was very low cut, but that's at least within the bounds of normality.)

However, she did get smacked on her butt after she called her mother a geek, which makes it a two for two streak of her making me uncomfortable via her ass.

I'm thinking about just staring at the ceiling whenever she's around in the future.
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