September 1st, 2002


I would buy myself a grey guitar and play

So I told myself that I'd examine my New Years resolutions today and see how each of them was going and what I should do about it.

I guess I'm just going to run down through them and rate my performance on each. If you actually care what they are...they are listed (shockingly) in my January 1 entry.

1) I think I've done a fair job at this. I have a ways to go and I've really been kinda lax over the summer but when school starts again I'll make more progress and I have to think long term. This one gets a check mark.

2) Hmmm...this is sort of a toss-up. I've done a few things that would qualify (like work and such) but not enough. Of course I'm not sure if this one is possible or even desireable given my classload but it's one to think about for the coming semester. I give it a check minus.

3) Definitly done a decent job at this. No question...I've taken control over my own life and made the important decisions myself. Check.

4) Check minus. I have a ways to go on this although I've done okay.

5) Check minus again. While I have improved I've backslid a little and it's only been a situational improvement.

6) I give this an "X". I really didn't do it and I should have but I think it'll have to wait until I have even a touch of inspiration.

7) Check. I've definitly been more serious about school and the direction I want my life to go in.

8) Check again...I've managed to not worry so much about minor issues...especially in regards to school where I have come to realize that hey, there's always the final if you do poorly on a mid term and there's no point in stressing out to the point where you can't function.

9) Check minus. I've done a decent job of relieving some pressure on myself but I still have too much of a perfectionist streak.

10) An X. I have NO clue as to what my future is going to be. It's far from forged.

4 checks, 4 check minuses, and 2 Xs. Not HORRIBLe but I can improve. I hope to get at least half of the goals checks before the end of the year.

As for my "LJ" resolutions...well

1) Check minus. Too much posting when I'm bored or want to write but less of it than before.

2) Check minus. Some improvement but still too many grammatical/conceptual mistakes and too much lazyness.

3) Check. elenelle's gone and gone for good. At least that one I did well with.

So I haven't done TOO badly with the resolutions but I have room for improvement and stuff to think about for next year. I think that most people fail in theirs because they are too specific. It's best to work on areas and not specific behaviors...since no one behavior is really that bad unless it's, say, mainlining heroin or getting blasted and drag racing.
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