September 8th, 2002


Sometimes you wanna see the rain but the sun gets in your eyes

This has been more or less a wasted weekend. Yesterday was spent sprucing up the house a little and then waiting for the horrible party to begin. I felt a little better than I did on friday but certainly not even close to 100%. More like 30. Saw parts of the U.S. Open Men's semifinal which was pretty interesting, but sad at the same time. Watching two men who are senior citizens in tennis terms make it to the finals of a major was inspiring in terms of their longevity and depressing in terms of the prospects of the game. I used to really love Tennis and it's sort of weird that I can start watching it 8 years later and the top men haven't changed.

The Rosh Hashana thing was fairly annoying although not terribly so. My mom sprung my hated cousin on me and I was too sick and tired to resist. I managed to ignore her through most of the evening although she insisted on talking at me and someone made the mistake of asking her about her work. She actually managed to force everyone from the living room into the kitchen with her boring blathering about bullshit. I heard her say "It might be really attractive to do a postmodern feminist show about..." and immediatly lost what smidgeon of respect I might have still had for her.

The food was good and the rest of the conversation was at least decent, with some cool anecdotes about a trip to italy and a certifiably nutso cat. Nobody left until midnight though which sucked because both my mother and I were feeling very unwell.

Today I felt like shit in the morning and my mother has a really bad fever so I've been doing what I can for her, bringing her food and drink etc... I haven't gotten like ANY homework done but that's alright...I can make it up. I just need to get better for the week to come so I can do the things I need to in school. Hopefully this will be gone by tomorrow.

Like I said a wasted weekend but that's the way life goes sometimes. At least the Jets game was thrilling.
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