September 13th, 2002


A chance to break me, a chance to take me down.

The last few days have sort of flown by. Thursday was actually pretty good. All of my classes were decent enough, with special note given to my psych class which is proving to be quite the winner.

My discussion section was remarkably lame but it was also fairly short. There's another junior and a senior there too, not to mention ZERO freshman, so I don't feel so out of place. The senior even seems like an interesting guy, although he's from some small North Carolina college.

I have to come up with a paper topic by thursday. Gah. Quite irritating. The class has barely started...who'se ready for a paper?

I went to the Philolexian society again and this meeting was much, much better than the first. We got the proper room so I was actually able to sit, there was a much higher level of cleverness as opposed to sillyness throughout the various speeches, and I wasn't incredibly sick which is always a plus. The moderator was sick though which means that my well-thought out obsequious address had to fly out the window.

My speech went pretty well although I staggered a little due to a comment throwing off my train of thought. All my punchlines got appropriate laughter and I had an approach nobody was expecting. Of course the most popular speech of the night came from a freshman, but he cheated by just reading some appropriate work by a professional humorist. It kind of annoyed me but I chose to rise above.

I also made a lot of comments, some of which got fairly good responses. Other people's comments were really funny too. It looks like it might turn out to be good fun if some of the totally incoherent people get weeded out. I will return for a third go round.

Oh, and the normal moderator (the one who was sick) saw me on the street talking to Doug afterwards and said that I had made a good second speech, so that means that I'm not making a total ass out of myself. Always a plus.

I saw two great movies, the Thing on thursday night and The Godfather this afternoon. Opposite ends of the cinematic spectrum in some ways but both excellent in their own way. I just hope that I can keep them apart in my mind. I'd hate to be at a cocktail party and say "I loved the part in the godfather where Norris' belly opens up and turns into a giant mouth that eats the doctor's hands." I was also able to sleep soundly after the Thing. Granted it was 3 AM but I've been kept up all night by horror movies and my overactive imagination in the past. I guess I'm past that now. That's a good thing.

Finally there's Mock Trial. I have spent a good deal of time thinking about my approach for that and I'm going to write my plan of action out tonight/tomorrow morning. I know my room assignment and meeting time. I have a well laid out strategy. I have absolutely no hope of getting a spot.

I have no experience, not much of an idea of what EXACTLY they want, way too much anxiety, and part of the competition is looks based. As a side note, I had a bunch of really terrible photos of myself taken and ended up with only one usable one...first pictures I've had taken in years. Anyway I don't see myself as having much of a chance but I figure I might as well go up there, make an attempt, and then move on with my life. It's not like it'll be the first time I've been rejected...or the last. Too bad too, I really wanted to do this.

Homework will wait until saturday evening/sunday and then another week will begin. This semester is STARTING to develop a rythm, definitly a good thing. Plus I'll be able to watch football every sunday.

Yeah...that last part sounds hollow to me too.

You win some I lose some. The carousel goes round and round.
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