October 16th, 2002


Peel me off this velcro seat and get me moving. I sure as hell can't do it by myself.

This week is whizzing by, cascading towards my comparative politics mid-term tomorrow and the two takehome tests I'm going to have to hand in at the begining of next week. That's what's pretty much dominated the first couple of days, along with a few minor distractions that aren't worth bothering with. In an interesting note, I had a bit of scare getting back my psych mid term. The professor handed out "how I graded this test" sheets before he handed out the actual mid-term and I got a little antsy when I saw that the way he graded essay 2 looked entirely different from the way I wrote it. In fact I thought that I had, in my extreme exhaustion at that point, written the wrong essay. There was a big curve on the test so I still hoped I could manage a B despite my mistake but I was a little worried. When I finally did get the test back I had made a 94. The grader basically said that even though the essay I had written was slightly different from the one they wanted, it still answered a valid interpretation of the question and showed plenty of knowledge and understanding of the material so I still got full marks. I feel pretty good about that exam, at least in terms of the grade, although it wasn't really a valid measure of knowledge. On the other hand, Dave, the guy I studied with all night who helped me quite a bit, got a 77 and that wasn't really fair. Hopefully we can start studying for the next test earlier.

As for this upcoming exam, well I went to the review session yesterday and I am now certain that this is the worst professor I have EVER had. He can't string together sentences in any coherent manner, in fact he has trouble producing a single sentence without enough qualifications, tangents, and stuttering, to make it completely incomprehensible. He also assigns MASSIVE amounts of reading. It is enough to drive a man to whining.

I did manage to get some productive studying for tomorrow's exam done with some people from my class last night, which was good. Well actually a bunch of people sat around for an hour wasting time until they left and this guy and I went through all the material together and formulated answers to the questions (we were given the questions beforehand, although we don't know exactly WHICH will be on the test.) But still it was productive. I'll do that again tonight.

I also just had lunch with Zach, who I've known since before I can remember. It was good to reminisce a little...although his life has definitly taken a very different route than mine since the halycon days of our youth.

Being busy definitly helps alleviate the pain of existance. Even during hell-week I couldn't FEEL it until a little lull appeared.

I also had a political discussion with my CC professor which was quite depressing, wherein she basically said that the United States was doomed unless China could develop much more quickly than it has so far. It was an interesting, but unsettling discussion of the natural course of empires and the dangerous sign that the attack on Iraq looks like it will be.

I don't know what to do with it...but it somehow is a motivating factor. I want to try to be part of the solution since everyone knows just how deep the problem goes. It's too bad our leadership is so feckless and shortsighted. We need a hero, not a cowboy
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