November 7th, 2002


What is it that makes me just a little bit queasy?

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz oh what a relief it is.

Well I felt like crap all day yesterday. I did manage to get out and vote (Sadly there was no decent competition or even protest option for Charles Rangle so I was forced to vote for him even though he's the definition of a tax and spend liberal) so I can finally start whining about the government in full force. I just hope that pot-guy (My affectionate name for the libertarian candidate for governor) appreciates my vote.

As the first line of this entry implies I took some Alka-Seltzer cough and cold, which helped my congestion but left me drowsy and unable to do any worthwhile work. This really sucks. I should have handed in this assignment almost a week ago and it looks like I won't get it in for ANOTHER week. HOpefully the TA will it's only a first draft which isn't a HUGE deal but I did want to do the work over this weekend and I got a good deal of it done until this REALLY nasty cold hit. It came on full force around 6 PM yesterday and hasn't quite let up yet. Here's hoping it does.

I spent most of my time yesterday playing video games and concocting what I think is an amusing scenario involving Yassir Arafat and Ariel Sharon sitting down to talk peace at the Playboy mansion.

If you think about it really could work to solve peace. Hugh Hefner has incredible credentials in the field of loosening people's inhibitions and maybe Yassir and Ari could get to know eachother better during a skinny dip in the grotto with some...stimulating flotation devices. Plus Hugh could pull out the old "Now Yassir...I know you're disapointed with Sharon's offer but you don't want to give UP yet do you? Candy would be very disapointed if you did. She REALLY wants this whole middle east crisis to be over so she can get the uglyness off her mind and focus on...other things."

Actually it would make a decent saturday night live skit. Even better if the real Hugh Hefner made a guest appearance. As you can tell I had too much time on my hands.

Last night I went to an election party at a friend of my mother's house to watch the party of pure evil wrest full control of government from the fading grasp of the party of limited evil. It didn't effect me all that much since it was just one evil taking more power from another...but the people there were devastated. At the party I ran into Ian, from the first summer Spanish course I took at Columbia who was there with his girlfriend (Who is, as he explained with obvious fascination, involved in "some sort of sciency stuff.") I spent a good deal of the evening talking to him about various things, trying to pretend a sheen of cold sweat wasn't growing on my forehead, and engaging in hobnobbing with various other personages. I told a guy there about the New York Times' need to have some buildings condemned in order to expand their offices and made a connection to its endorsement of Pataki, and made a joke about how now that Jeb Bush is back in power we can finally look forward to the elimination of those pesky everglades and improvements in the Florida parking situation. Later in the evening I heard her retelling the joke to someone else so she apparently thought it was a good one.

Once again I was much more comfortable milling about and mixing with a crowd that ranged from 40-70 (with the exception of Ian and his girlfriend who are probably mid twenties) than I would have been among those closer to my own age. I'm not sure why it is but I'm beginning to think it's because they actually get my humor. When I say that Frank Lautenberg will inject the senate with some fresh young blood now that Strom Thurmond is taking early retirement they actually find it amusing rather than corny and stupid. There's also a level of dedication to the task at hand and attention span that I admire, not to mention being able to sustain a conversation about something serious without instantaneous boredom as you find among the younger crowd (Duh…I dun wanna think, I have too much drinking to do!)

I left the party after it was clear that the Republicans had won (as I suspected they would) and right as someone was pointing a camera at Jeb Bush. I wasn't interested in listening to weaselspeak at that moment.

This morning I awoke to the sort of headache that one assumes can only be caused by all-night construction going on INSIDE your head. The jackhammers and bulldozers had obviously been on all night between my temples, because they managed to clear out all intelligent thought and memory capacity and replace it with searing pain. I spent most of the morning trying to distract myself from the construction site located right behind my eyes without actually ripping my own head off. At around noon I tried to do a little reading but it was not all that productive as I was still reeling. The only thing that kept me from swallowing pain killers (something that I am LOATHE to do) was the fact that I didn't know where any were. I just took some decongestion and rode it out.

Both of my classes were pretty horrible today, not all that shocking considering the dynamite that kept going off in my temporal lobe, but I did okay. In Japanese Culture we discussed the Aum cult which is actually fascinating in a morbid sort of way. The fact that a religious cult managed to flourish and murder 60+ people in a country as controlled and industrialized as Japan is pretty wild. The fact that this class actually managed to spend an ENTIRE session discussing something that involved both Japan AND its culture was even more incredible. I wish I had been more conscious during the proceedings but I did manage to make a couple insightful comments and I got another check plus on my written work so I'm not too worried. Still it would have been nice to be alert for the session where the material was most interesting.

In CC I didn't do ANY of the reading because I couldn't FIND it. It turns out that I had a book that contained most of it but it was mislabeled on the syllabus. That was okay though because when I got there I was so close to the end of my rope that all I could do was lay my head against the wall and pray for the sweet release of sleep. Sleep didn't come but 1:40 minutes of discussing protestantism did. I made a few comments of value and just rode it out. The professor also handed back exams and mine had a "Come see me note on it." Turns out she couldn't read my handwriting and I need to go in and read the exam to her. Not a shocker but an inconvenience. What was a shocker was when she gave me the exam to take home and bring in to read, even though it was written in Pencil. PENCIL! Erasable, alterable, easily abusable pencil. I wouldn't have cheated, that ain't my way, but I gave the exam back to her for propriety's sake and so as to avoid any temptation, since I did a horrible job and I REALLY don't want to read such a bad essay to anyone let alone someone who will be grading me on it. Still it's better to fail miserable honestly than to soar to new heights of success falsly right? Right?


Anyway she said she hadn't even thought of anyone cheating even though she's caught multiple students for plagarism over the last few years. These are the kinds of geniuses they have professing us at my school. Woot.

I had an exam I'd done poorly on, due to lack of sleep, in my hands, written in pencil, with 2 days in which I could have changed it to be brilliant and I handed it back without so much as correcting a mispelled word. And they say I won't be able to resist something so pedestrian as a WOMAN. Feh.

When I got home today I played around in Vice City and my headache disappeared. This has been a pattern with me. Feel really terrible all day and then when the stresses and whatnot of the day are finally over with I sit back and relax and…start feeling much better. I'm not sure whether this is just a matter of how my body works or a sign that the headaches are psychosomatic, brought on by stress and a desire not to have to face the bullshit of my days.

I should get some sleep because I have been ill and I still have quite a lot to do.

They're launching a new Anime Network soon. I don't know if I'm elated that I'll get to see more of the stuff without spending so much or depressed that all the cash I sunk into Anime DVDs could have been saved if I'd picked up the hobby a few years later. Probably a little of both. Now I'm thinking about getting some shut eye though. I have a busy, unpleasant, day in front of me. The usual.
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