November 17th, 2002


Hear me, Hear me, I want sugar in my tea

Sometimes you just really need to see a classic, gritty movie...or numerous photographs of Manute Bol on ice skates. Sometimes you need both.

The French Connection is still a classic film and one of those movies that says so much without any dialog. Whether it's Popeye and Frog1 playing cat and mouse on a subway train or that chase scene with the train it manages to advance the characters by having them remain silent when they could be speaking and being men of action and action only. It also doesn't bother with worrying about how the characters feel after the event is over. No thoughts about emotional fall-out in the post-climactic lull.

Manute Bol on ice skates is just plain funny. Of course there's a really tragic story behind it all, his struggles in trying to help the resistance to tyranny in the Sudan, but the visual is just too hilarious to ignore, and paying attention to it actually HELPS his cause (because the more attention he gets the better the chance that he will get more gigs to help send money back to orphans) so there's no guilt there.

The world is just a fucked up place any way you slice it. People have no perspective...they are myopic and self centered. It's like if everybody on a crowded sidewalk kept their eyes on their own shoes and just walked straight forward. There would be a lot of bumping into one another and tripping and trampling and nobody would get where they wanted to go. That's how I see the world these days...people just stepping over other people on the way to nowhere.

I'll never understand why people can't just look up and SEE...and even worse why the people who can see tend to be so fucking evil and devoted to exploitation and manipulation of the situation. Even good intentions appear to be passe these days.

I am tired and not expressing myself adequatly, plus I have both reading and course selection to engage in now, but I really do want to spend some time fleshing this out at some point in the future when the crush of academic mental masturbation is not so powerful.

Was civilization a mistake?
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