November 20th, 2002


Somewhere in between the blue and the red

The New York Times had a front page story about the gender imbalance of shows like "The Bachelor". It was an opinion peace with absolutely no journalistic content.

Meanwhile people are protesting the Victoria's Secret fashion show and they're still harassing poor Tiger Woods (and by poor I mean excruciatingly rich) is still being harassed because he won't dictate policy to a private organization.

Why in a time of what IS a national crisis any way you slice it (If you're a conservative you think it's a crisis because of all the foreign terrorists, if you're a liberal you think it's a crisis because everybody in the country is turning conservative and trying to stop the nice foreigners from blowing us all up and raping what's left of our women afterwards to express how oppressed they feel) are we so pre-occupied with PC liberal-oppressionist bullshit?

I'm not saying that the struggle for equal rights and whatnot should be halted just because there are more pressing issues. Indeed it's hard to think of a much more pressing issue than domestic freedom and rights. Nobody said that the Vietnam War should cause the civil rights movement to put things on hold, or if they did say that they were blithering idiots. However you'd think that the times could find something MORE important in the way of news than something about how sexist "The Bachelor" is and how it reflects on our sexist society. If they want to pursue a feminist agenda how about a story on abortion rights or even one on Nancy Pilosi the recently elected female speaker of the house. If they want to editorialize about the evils of "The Bachelor" why not put it, oh I don't know, on the editorial page? Putting editorials about lame TV shows on the front page during a time of great American upheavel is the work of agenda pushing propogandist yes-bots.

The same is true of all this crap about the Masters and Tiger Woods. As soon as we start DEMANDING that private clubs forgoe their rights to select their members, or that public figures follow a particular political agenda even if they don't believe in it, we start traveling the well worn roads of intolerance and political opression that we should be condeming. There are differences between the genders. Sometimes guys want to be around guys. Sometimes guys want to light their own farts (not Augusta members per se, but you get my point) and talk about some actresses' tits and tell bawdy jokes. We've already established that this is inappropriate behavior for the workplace, and I completely agree with that. However if you're going to move it out of the boardroom where do you put it? If now you're saying that not only do we have to dismantel the old boys' network but also every old boys' CLUB...well...aren't you just a few steps away from outlawing such behavior alltogether? What's next...we ban all female bridal showers or spas? Oh wait...sorry...women can't be hegemonical becuase they are special magical butterflys. Didn't mean to lose my head there.

And as for Tiger Woods...well I'm starting to feel sorry for the guy. I mean he has the best job in the WORLD (Think about it...he makes CEO type money for doing the job that most CEOs want to retire so they can do. In ANY profession there are members who want to retire so they can play golf...even in pro football this is true. Have you ever heard of a pro golfer who wanted to retire so he could suffer the stress of running a fortune 500 company? I don't think so.) but he's also being harassed by people who want to use him for their own purposes. They wanted him to comment on the situation and he said that he believes private clubs should be able to have whatever members they'd like but that he'd LIKE there to be a woman member at Augusta. That wasn't phrasing his answer in a form that the feminist storm troopers like so he keeps getting asked the same question that he's already answered...over and over again. It must be like one of those bad dreams where you're back in elementary school and the mean teacher asks you what 2+2 is and when you say 4 keeps demanding that you get it right or pay the price. It's like they don't believe that he could hold such a non-orthodox view (that people should be free to hang out with whoever they want to hang out with) and so keep asking "Is that your FINAL answer" over and over like a Satanic Regis Philbin.

I don't know...I feel almost like I'm living back in Salem during the witch trials. Everybody is scouring the countryside for signs of evil black magic (we call it "Prejudice") and ignoring the real social problems and issues. Liberalism has fallen into lock step with itself, lacking dissent or even a plurality of ideas and DEMANDING that everybody else fall into line and agree with it on every issue. Even supposedly smart ex-Princetonian basketball bench warmers are being influenced by the empty rhetoric.

The country's in national crisis any way you slice it. It's not the time to be searching for problems where there really aren't any. That brings us to the last topic, the Victoria's Secret fashion show protests. All I have to say about this is...shut the fuck up already you lonely menopausal idiots. If you don't like it change the channel. If some people with it. It's entertainment, nobody is being forced to participate, and if you think you are going to convince men that they don't like to look at female breasts and buttocks you need your head checked out more thoroughly than MOST women do.

Now, unlike all these yaking Neros who see the flames on the flag and bust out the fiddles, I'm going to shut the fuck up.

P.S. I have a bunch of personal stuff to write about but I have absolutely no time and this was what was most on my mind this morning.

P.P.S. I'm not actually Xenophobic, I was mostly making the point that Liberals seem to be much more worried about how security policy will hurt foreigners and illegal aliens than how it will function to keep Americans safe. Instead of trying to formulate ideas that can increase security while doing minimal damage to innocent foreigners they merely whine about the Republican plans, fretting about the dispossesed while seemingly not giving a whit about the majority.
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