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December 2002
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10:38 pm: I wish the real world would just stop hasseling me.
12:12 am: A three year trip on the dragon, until the clinic had to get me clean - 3 comments
09:45 am: There's somewhere beyond this I know. But I hope I can find the words to say never again. - 4 comments
07:44 pm: She says it's only in my head. She says Shh I know it's only in my head. - 7 comments
10:47 am: I wore my doormat face
07:58 pm: I can't believe all the bullshit that I find. - 6 comments
01:35 am: You may find in time that you were always right, you're always right. - 4 comments
03:23 am: I'll do anything I can the wrong way - 3 comments
10:49 pm: Some things you don't need until they leave you, they're the things that you miss - 2 comments
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