December 14th, 2002


There's somewhere beyond this I know. But I hope I can find the words to say never again.

I didn't study as much as I should have for my CC test but I still feel that I did reasonably well on it. I'll have to wait and see but I'm not too stressed about it.

Last Night was interesting. I went to a study session for comparative politics at a local diner. We didn't get much studying done since it was rather dark and none of us had done enough reading yet to say anything worthwhile, but we chatted about various things and were having a pleasant enough time. At one point the conversation turned to student athletes and we started making fun of them, and specifically swimmers since Ryan is a swimmer and I wanted to rag on him a little. We were just teasing him the way young males are wont to do, when this pregnant woman sitting at the table next to us just butts into our conversation and starts scolding us for insulting athletes and talking about how athletics prepares you for the real world and how she was captain of the swim team and now owns her own business and blah blah blah. We just sat there shocked for a minute and then had to spend five more minutes explaining that Ryan was ON the swim team and we were just having a little fun at his expense. She was even yelling at him for being intolerant of athletes despite his BEING an athlete in the very sport she was defending. It took quite awhile and a lot of apologising to get her to shut up and go back to her meal. During the whole rant her male companion was staring at his food and you could almost hear his internal monologue "She's pregnant...I have to stay together for the sake of the child. Don't defend them that'll only get YOU in trouble. Just look at the salad Jim. Look at the salad. Don't listen to them...look at the salad."

This experience begs the question: Why are women so fucking crazy and what can be done to shut them up when they get like that?

Anyone who cares to answer is welcome to.

A man wouldn't interupt a good old fashioned bull session to express his feelings about what was being said. He would either ignore it or he'd just say "shaddup" and get back to his damned food. What is defective about the female psyche?

I was heading home after dinner when I ran into Dan from Psych class. I had run into him earlier as I tried to make the end of the psyche tutorial (I missed it) and had talked to him while he took some girl to Lerner to copy his notes. I had actually said "Genocide builds character, look how the Jews have done after WW II!" in that exchange, which was a product of my just being myself. Anyway Dan said hi and we went to find him some cigarettes. We ended up talking about the psych exam and then about psychology in general and then got into another one of our philosophical debates where he argues what seems to be a reductionist view of symbolism and I argue a moralist pragmatist viewpoint. It's an interesting argument but it never goes anywhere because we're never in mental shape to make it. I was somewhat tired and he was somewhat tipsy this time. Anyway we hung out and talked for awhile about life, nuclear weapons, and the fact that he can't even concieve of god. He mentioned that he had a crush on the TA I had first semester back at school, the astoundingly gorgeous one, and I opened up a little about a bunch of stuff. It was interesting, he actually understood why praise and deference can be a problem and he actually offered a few interesting suggestions about how to deal with it, although I don't think they're particularly good ideas for me.

He's a somewhat confused guy at times but he challenges me and refuses to back down which is definitly something new. Plus he's better at Excitebike than I am.
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