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February 2004
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10:39 am: Perfect posture but you're barely scraping by - 7 comments
09:48 pm: I got a hole in me, hey I got a scar I can talk about
12:13 am: You've got your spell on me baby turning my mind into stone - 5 comments
07:50 am: Standing there in your Jesus Christ pose, arms outstretched like it's the coming of the lord. - 13 comments
11:30 pm: This new Diet's liquid and chilling to the senses
06:50 pm: Thinking's just too much to ask - 6 comments
09:12 pm: A wonderful opportunity for the right kind of person - 6 comments
12:06 am: When the working day is done, girls just wanna have fun - 3 comments
10:00 pm: I'm a pig I'm a dog so 'scuse me if I drool. - 56 comments
12:28 am: Ain't make it so real, I don't need your love Disconnect!
07:34 pm: Then Sergeant Steve would sing a song of victory, wipe some snot off on his sleeve, then say goodbye
11:18 pm: I'm prepared to look you in the eye, look me in the eye. - 2 comments
12:20 pm: Texas are you my friend?
09:09 pm: You bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang
12:41 am: Trying to find my way - 2 comments
11:22 pm: They call me Free
11:00 pm: I've figured out numbers and what they're for
01:07 pm: I've been through all this shit before.
11:31 pm: Tie my pantyhose around my neck
12:26 am: It's been one week
09:51 pm: I'm only asking because I want to know
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