April 2nd, 2004


All the selfless things you did with Billy

I got an A- on my history mid-term, pretty decent considering I was sick at the time, and the fact that the exam doesn't even count if the final and final paper are better. My TA is making the paper even more important, which is good for me.

In Fallujah Iraqis are apologising for desecrating the bodies of the Americans but not for killing them. How backwards is a culture where murder is alright but desecration of bodies is unconscionable. If the men had been killed but not desecrated it would still have been a horrible crime. If they had died from an accident or natural causes, dragging them through the streets and defecating on them wouldn't be that big a deal in my opinion.

I did actually create my creative writing journal. It's called lordofthelies Go or don't go, I don't really care. This is probably the last time I'll mention it directly.

Today is my mother's birthday. I have to go see a movie with her and then have dinner with her afterwards. I just hope it's relatively painless, that's it.

I have decided that I need to be more proactive in a lot of ways. I need to learn how to sell myself and apply for things and basically just put myself out there. Right now I am just sort of waiting for opportunities and honors to stumble upon me, and while that works to a small degree it's not exactly a long term plan for success. Recognizing this and doing something about it are two different matters entirely though.

I'm hungrier than I should be right now. Quite annoying.

During GED class on tuesday a 6'3" 250 lb student had a pair of brass knuckles drop out of his pocket. He quickly put them away but I certainly wasn't able to forget them when he came up to me after class to discuss his math scores. He wasn't hostile, just frustrated that he had a ways to go on the math section but still. It's not a huge deal but it was a memorable experience.
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