April 4th, 2004


Lump lingered last in line for brains and the one she got was sort of rotten and insane

Wonderfalls has officially been canceled after 4 episodes. I saw it coming but not this soon. American television watchers are tasteless and possibly mentally defective. The show died because it was intelligent, complicated, lacked black and white morality, and starred a female who was quite beautiful but did not display 2/3rds of her chest at any given moment or do a lot of scenes nude with careful camera work staving off the FCC. It had an actually intelligent and sarcastic female character who was sort of like a real person rather than a foil for male fantasies. I guess it was doomed. Americans would rather watch "The Littlest Groom" and say "'ey Cletus that guy sure is short. Ooo he's going to try to make time with that regular sized lady. Hyuk Hyuk he's a little feller I bet he's got a small penie. I needs mo' chawin' tobaccy." Or the latest Law and Order crapfest that plays out basically the same as when the show debuted 15 fucking years ago except that they've gotten rid of the law part for at least two of the shows because "them courtroom fellers sure does speaken the fancytalk." Now it's all simplified so you know who did it ahead of time and you don't have to strain your brain trying to figure out if Vincent D'nofrio is tracking the right guy. Within a few generations the average American television watcher will be capable of nothing more than drooling when breasts appear on tv and wriggling in pleasure when violence comes on.

Fucking pathetic.

Of course we can't discount the influence of that frankenturd Rupert Murderoftastedouch and his Fox network, which likes to take promising or interesting shows out back of the barn and skullfuck them till they scream for mercy and expire. A show like that debuting on friday at 9 is like opening a pretzel stand in the Sahara. Then they moved it opposite CSI so that it could compete with the most popular show on television and one that actually DOES have a modicum of intelligence just so any audience members it had left would leave it. If they hadn't cancelled it I imagine they might have moved it to a timeslot where it could be regularly interupted by baseball.

I've started reading Steven Pinker's "The blank slate" after sucking the tiny bit of marrow from the giant self-inflicted boner that was Po Bronson's "What should I do with my life" and it's also a depressing book. It talks about how smart people trained in science can often allow themselves to be swayed by dogma and peer pressure. This has crippled several academic disciplines as they investigate things teleologically and come up with endless pages of theory that has no direct relationship to anything approaching reality.

Fun facts about Adam Baldwin:

He is not one of the actual Baldwin brothers but merely another actor with the last name of Baldwin.

He starred on the great show Firefly as a character named Jayne and also in "Lady Jayne: Killer" which is a movie that exists for absolutely no reason. It is a schlocky 'thriller' featuring the dubious talents of an ex-baywatch star and a guy who's career peaked playing the little brother in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." James Remar is the standout star of the project. The script is so bad that one wonders if it was written by an English speaker or some Dane who watched way too many C-grade late night Cinemax flicks. It is one of those films which exist purely to rip off people who want to see a B movie with some action and titties and are seduced into seeing a Z movie with not enough of either.

He was in Full Metal jacket.

He is an alumnus of New Trier Township High School East, Winnetka, IL.
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